Latest on the Gutenberg Museum’s new building plans

The future can wait no longer

In 2020, the planning of the new Gutenberg Museum progressed with great strides. After a total of 15 meetings, involving a lot of preparation work, the ‘Working Group for the Modernisation of the Gutenberg Museum’ composed of representatives of all the interest groups involved voted unanimously for the new building at the current location in the city centre of Mainz. On 23 September, the city council unanimously passed a resolution to this effect. After the feasibility study, financed jointly by the federal government and the state, to clarify structural and monument preservation issues, an architectural competition will be announced in May 2021, which will lead to concrete planning in May 2022, so that according to our ambitious plan, building can begin at the end of 2023. As an interim arrangement, a proposal has been made by the directors of the Gutenberg Museum and Natural History Museum for the GM’s most important exhibits to be exhibited in the latter from March 2023, until the new Gutenberg Museum opens in 2026. On the initiative of the Gutenberg Museum’s director Dr. Annette Ludwig, our bauhaus.lab in the museum’s inner courtyard has been transformed into a ‘shop window’ to provide all interested parties with timely and transparent information on the ‘New Gutenberg Museum’ project.

An architectural and content-related reorientation will allow the ‘World Museum of the Printing Arts’ to adequately meet the media changes triggered by digitalisation and to be optimally prepared for the challenges of the future. We are currently preparing the major logistical project of the move and are looking forward to the new building with joy and confidence!

Liebfrauenplatz 5
55116 Mainz