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How to identify prints: two courses

1. Course in the identification of photomechanical prints Organised by Hildegard Homberger Krefelder Str. 17, 10555 Berlin, Germany T+49-30-3912503 h.homburger@t-online.de In cooperation with IADA (International Association of Book and Paper Conservators) https://iada-home.org/events/identification-of-photomechanical-prints-2/ Lecturer: Hildegard Homburger Participants: max 8 Location 10555 Berlin, Germany Language English Dates: Berlin, 27.-28. June 2024 Language German Dates: Berlin, 20.-21. June

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Update on the Virtual Museum of Printing (VMoP)

On 28 October 2020, the Printing Historical Society approved a proposal, presented by the National Printing Heritage Committee (NPHC), for a web-based virtual Virtual Museum of Printing (VMP). The website has made good progress since and the first phase of the development will be live and visible to the public soon. The site will launch

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Miniature masterpieces: 100 years of Irish stamps

New exhibition at the National Print Museum, Dublin A joint exhibition between An Post and the National Print Museum, until 3 May 2024 Curator, Stephen Ferguson Miniature Masterpieces explores the role of stamps in charting the evolution of Irish cultural identity over the last century. Dedicated to the history, design and production of these miniature

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Printing museums and the arts of survival

Full details of the AEPM’s 2024 annual conference are now online The conference is taking place this year in Estonia and is being hosted by the effervescent TYPA centre in the lively university city of Tartu, European Capital of Culture in 2024. Our hosts have taken as the theme: Printing museums and the arts of

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Two new exhibitions at TYPA

Liis Ring: The tangible present Exhibition is being shown until 3 March 2024 in the Balcony Gallery, open Wed-Sun 12.00 – 18.00. Entry is free. The tangible present is an exhibition about a healing process and a restoration through the practice of being present. It is both an atonement, a gapfiller and a bridge between

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World Book Design 2022-23

Printing Museum Tokyo Exhibition of world book design 2022-23 9 December 2023 – 3 March 2024 An exhibition of books that won the book design competition, Best book design from all over the world in April 2023 and the Japan Book Design Awards, as well a books that won national competitions in Germany, the Netherlands,

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8th International poster contest of the Museum of Typography Yiannis and Eleni Garedakis

The theme of the contest is: Racism – Xenophobia In the land of Zeus Xenios, on the island of the protector of strangers already since the ancient times, this year’s international poster contest is scheduled to take place, bearing the title “Racism – Xenophobia”, emphasising once again a burning issue for the whole world. Entries

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We tried to warn you! Environmental crisis posters, 1970–2020

Poster House 119 W. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA September 28, 2023–February 25, 2024 ‘The great question of the 1970s is shall we surrender to our surroundings or shall we make our peace with nature and begin to make reparations for the damage we have done to our air, to our land and

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The Worldwide hand press database: a vital new resource for museums, collectors and heritage workshops

The Worldwide hand press database is now online! Have you ever wanted to find a museum with a collection of hand presses to visit? Or get in touch with someone who has the same hand press as you have in your museum, collection or workshop in order to exchange information?  Are you studying pre- or

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Petition to prevent a total ban on the use of metallic lead and its alloys in the EU

[Petition text in German, English, French and Italian. See below.] The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is planning to ban the use of metallic lead and its alloys in the EU. This would have fatal consequences for artistic and artisanal work, historic crafts and the preservation of cultural heritage in all fields. Whether traditional musical instruments,

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Joint European letterpress training

Association of Friends of the Press Museum Fjeld-Ljom, Røros, Norway Call for candidates for the third session, to take place at the Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig The Association of Friends of the Press Museum Fjeld-Ljom was granted €9,900 in financial support from the European Commission and the Council of Europe under the European Heritage Days

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Book presentation: Transient print

Centre for Printing History & Culture Online event Thursday, November 16, 2023 5:00 PM 6:30 PM Booking is FREE and is now open and tickets are available HERE This event marks the publication of Transient Print: essays on the history of printed ephemera which looks at the various ways in which its study can contribute

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The Annual St Bride Foundation Conference

Innovation. Inspiration. Imagination. Invention. Saturday 11 November 2023 St Bride Foundation and Online via Zoom In-person tickets: £80, £70, £60 Online tickets: £50, £45, £35 Book Tickets HERE Join us for the renowned St Bride Foundation Conference – a conversazione celebrating innovation, inspiration, imagination and invention. Designing the graphics for the smash flick Barbie, furthering

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Printing Historical Society prize for new scholarship

Still time to apply The ‘Printing Historical Society Prize for New Scholarship’ is being offered again this year, with an extended deadline of 1 January 2024. The Prize will be given to the best new article on any printing-historical subject, suitable for the Society’s Journal. The winning author will receive the ‘Printing Historical Society Prize

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Celebrating Shakespeare at the Penrith Museum of Printing

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s First Folio in 1623, the Penrith Museum of Printing is hosting an exclusive interactive tour on 26 October 2023 in honour of the book’s printing. Experience the Living History of Printing, this will be a Living and Interactive tour. Step back in time and discover

1 October 2023 // AEPM webmaster

£1 million funding for the study of Baskerville’s punches

AHRC Award Small performances: investigating the typographic punches of John Baskerville though practice-based research Small Performances is an interdisciplinary project that will make a substantial contribution to the history of printing technology, whilst ensuring it is a living process that will continue into the future. At its heart is the exceptional collection of typographic punches

18 September 2023 to 1 March 2024 // AEPM webmaster

8th international poster contest of the Museum of Typography (Chania, Greece)

Call for participation The Museum of Typography Yiannis and Eleni Garedakis has announced the 8th International Poster Contest, titled Racism – Xenophobia. In the land of Zeus Xenios, on the island of the protector of strangers already since the ancient times, this year’s international poster contest is scheduled to take place, bearing the title “Racism

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Machines and equipment used in industrial printing ink manufacturing

Ian Dooley, a PhD student researching the history of industrial printing ink manufacturing, is interested in locating any known artefacts of powered grinding machines (sometimes called mills, or roller mills, cylinder mills, etc.). More generally, he is interested in any ink-making equipment used between 1800-1920: mullers and slabs for grinding ink, boilers and pots for

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From the Penrith Museum of Printing (Australia)

Request for help to document and preserve a Heidelberg Zylinder Automat press As you may already know, the Penrith Museum of Printing (near Sydney) has been given a new lease of life in the form of a 3-year (at least) extension to its lease. I has also acquired a 1939 (checked by serial number) Heidelberg

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Registration for the 2023 Hamilton Wayzgoose is now open!

Join us November 3-5, 2023 in Two Rivers, Wisconsin You’re invited to Wayzgoose, where printer’s devils meet type nerds. Hamilton is celebrating fifteen years of community-building at Wayzgoose. Are you a type-loving dreamer and doer? Welcome! Come on in to where emerging voices mingle with the old-school. Register to join us November 3, 4, and