16 June 2021 // AEPM webmaster

University of Alcalá inaugurates new printing museum

Museum of Graphic Arts Ángel Gallego Esteban-University of Alcalá In the 16 June 2021 the University of Alcalá inaugurated its own printing museum, the Ángel Gallego Esteban Museum of Graphic Arts, with the aim of paying tribute to a profession which has a long history in the City of Alcalá de Henares and a long

23-24 October 2021 // AEPM webmaster

Belgian National Playing Card Museum to host new Primes championship

In October 2018, a brand new card game called Primes was launched at the National Museum of Playing Cards (Turnhout, Belgium) under the sponsorship of Jean-Paul Van Bendegem. Primes is a card game with no face cards or or aces. It is played with all the prime numbers between 10 and 60 the aims being

29 August — 11 September 2021 // AEPM webmaster

What does it mean to edit a modernist text?

Imprints: Art Editing Modernism An exhibition hosted by Shandy Hall, Coxwold, North Yorkshire (UK), the former home of proto-modernist Laurence Sterne, author of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (1759) 29 August — 11 September 2021 Imprints: Art Editing Modernism explores the impact and meaning of modernist literary works in the present day. This

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A new display of iconic private press book art in London

Emery Walker’s house Emery Walker’s house opened its first exhibition on 12th August, displaying examples of some of the most beautiful private press books ever published, and illustrating Walker’s revolutionary book-printing techniques and legacy in his former home in Hammersmith. The new exhibition space in the small drawing-room of the most authentic Arts & Crafts

10 August - 25 September // AEPM webmaster

Interested in the alternative press and radical printshops?

Five zoom talks as part of the exhibition Another world is possible: Aberdeen People’s Press and radical media in the 1970s Aberdeen People’s Press operated between 1973 and 1984, publishing a fortnightly alternative local newspaper, pamphlets and books, as well as providing a printing service for a wide range of radical groups, community newspapers, trade

11 August 2021 // AEPM webmaster

Typewriters around the world: machines, practices, cultures

Contextual Alternate, an independent initiative to archive, generate, and publish critical scholarship at the crossroads of communication, technology, and history, invites you join an online talk by Jo De Baerdemaeker in the series Typewriters around the world: machines, practices, cultures. Tibetan typewriters: from promotional stunt to handy educational tool Wednesday 11 August 2021 6:00 pm

July 31 and Sunday August 1, 2021 // AEPM webmaster

2021 conference of the American Typecasting Fellowship

Online-only in 2021 (exceptionally) After considerable discussion, the organizers of the American Typecasting Fellowship (ATF) conference that had been intended for 2020 have decided that a 2021 event will go forward as an online-only conference with no in-person attendence. This will help to keep the momentum of the ATF going while not getting in the

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Letterpress equipment on offer

[Hong Kong] Vertical platen press and ancillary equipment Following the closure of the Shing Fat Printing Press, established in Hong Kong in 1972, the family of the founder of the firm are offering various items of letterpress equipment. Vertical platen press without motor Guillotine Pedal-operated stitcher Type, typecases and frames Possibility of Heidelberg windmill press

10 July to 10 October // AEPM webmaster

Secret writing in the House of the Book

[The Hague, Netherlands] Family exhibition Secret writing This summer the Museum Meermanno/Huis van het boek (House of the Book) is organising a family exhibition about ‘secret writing’. From 10 July to 10 October, visitors will explore a maze with exciting assignments concerning mysterious texts from various cultures. Tablets from 2000 BC, papyrus scrolls from the

16th July - 25th September 2021 // AEPM webmaster

Radical media in the 1970s: history waiting to be written

[Exhibition] Another world is possible: Aberdeen People’s Press and radical media in the 1970s 16th July – 25th September 2021 Peacock Visual Arts / the worm 11 Castle St, Aberdeen, Scotland The early 1970s were a very particular moment in the development of print media – the moment when printers’ monopoly over the multiplication of

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Victoria vertical platen press on offer

[Ghent, Belgium] We offer for free a press Victoria (Rockstroh Werke, Heidenau) with Beaumont electric engine (type EB101AE). The press was adapted for braille-print & used at the Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind at Woluwe (Brussels) If interested, please contact: Museum Dr. Guislain Jozef Guislainstraat 43B B-9000 Gent T +32 9 398 69 50

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Albion press for sale

[Nepal] Metal hand press manufactured in 1883 in Finsbury, London, by Hopkinson and Cope. A brass oval plate on the press bears the inscription ‘Hopkinson and Cope’s improved Albion Press No.5991’. The legs are decorated with a leaf pattern terminating in claws in square blocks. There is a British Royal Coat of Arms as shown

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August Fomm guillotine looking for a new home

[Simpelveld, The Netherlands] August Fomm paper cutter Huize Damiaan is currently home to The International Butler Academy, the world’s leading Butler-training institute, but it was previously a religious institution. In 1892, followers of Father Damiaan decided to found a monastery here. The Apostle magazine, which has been in publication for well over 100 years, was printed

Posted June 22, 2021 // AEPM webmaster

Standing press free to a museum or heritage workshop

Karl Krause metal standing press Free to a printing museum or heritage workshop. Removal at the expense of the acquirer. Contact Lis Van Mierlo: lisvanmierlo@skynet.be  

6 May 2021 // AEPM webmaster

Annual general meeting 2021

Association of European Printing Museums Minutes of the annual general meeting 2021 The Annual General Meeting was held online on Thursday 6 May 2021 at 17:00. The invitation, sent on 26 March 2021, included online access to all documents and information necessary to prepare for the General Meeting. 1. List of members present Board of

28 May 2021 // AEPM webmaster

The passing of a great bookman, Janusz Paweł Tryzno

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we inform you that Janusz Paweł Tryzno, the beating heart of the Book Art Museum in Łódź (Poland), passed away on 28th May. He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend. Janusz was a co-founder of the small book art press Correspondance des Arts in

1 April - 7 November 2021 // AEPM webmaster

X – Censorship and visual culture

A new exhibition at the Belgian National Museum of Playing Cards Nationaal Museum van de Speelkaart Turnhout, Belgium. 1 April – 7 November 2021 Few subjects in history have stirred the imagination as much as the concept of censorship. Playing cards and comic strips have often been the subject of prohibition and protest, and still

26 June 2021 // AEPM webmaster

International Kelmscott Press Day

An announcement and invitation to contribute to the International Kelmscott Press Day June 26 2021 The William Morris Society in the United States is organizing an international celebration to commemorate the founding of the Kelmscott Press in 1891. We hope that many will join us in this unique collaborative opportunity to promote the life and work of William Morris, the beauty

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Registration is now open for the AEPM’s annual conference 2021

Printing in Offenbach: the art of a craft and the craft in the art Online conference 20-22 May 2021 The event is being hosted by the Klingspor Museum and the Offenbach Local History Museum (Haus der Stadtgeschichte). Exceptionally this year it is being offered as a Zoom conference. The talks will be livestreamed from Offenbach,

20 March 2021 // AEPM webmaster

C.C. Stern Type Foundry 2021 Spring type jam!

[Online event] Sarah Nicholls — Brain washing from phone towers Saturday, March 20, 2021 11:00 am (Pacific Time) Participation is free, but donations to directly support the artist are appreciated. RSVP for event link During this online event, Sarah Nicholls will introduce us to her ongoing publishing series, Brain Washing from Phone Towers Informational Pamphlets,