Exhibition catalogue for the special exhibition “Veronika Weingärtner: shape of colour. 21st Mainz City Printer”

An exhibition catalogue featuring the works of Veronika Weingärtner has been produced as part of the special exhibition that opened recently at the Gutenberg Museum. In addition to the exhibited works, the catalogue contains a foreword by Dr. Ulf Sölter, a conversation with the artist and information on the Mainzer Stadtdrucker / Mainzer Stadtdruckerin award.

The catalogue presents Weingärtner’s life and work and discussed the approaches, processes and methods used in the creation of her works as well as her artistic development and involvement with printing techniques. Weingärtner deliberately poses riddles with her untitled works. The artist’s talk and the concise analyses of the works in the catalogue provide insights into the ideas, the use of techniques and the processes involved in the creation of her works. Through their playful and intuitive style of creation, technically sophisticated works of art with a special depth and expressive power are created from various techniques, transfers and extensions. To discover further depths of the works of the 21st city printer and to learn more about Weingärtner’s creative processes, it is worth taking a look at the exhibition catalogue, which can be purchased for 19.90 euros from the Gutenberg Shop.

Liebfrauenplatz 5
55116 Mainz