Annual general meetings

Annual general meeting 2022 (Malesherbes, France)

Association of European Printing Meetings

Minutes of the annual general meeting 2022

Which took place at the Atelier Musée Imprimerie, Malesherbes
Saturday, 7.5.2022

1. List of Members AEPM present

Board of the AEPM : Stefan Soltek (chair, Klingspor Museum, Offenbach, Germany), Patrick Goossens (treasurer, Letter-Kunde, Belgium), Robert Clerebaut (Belgique), Alan Marshall (webmaster, France).

Représented : Zahra Benkass (secretary, France), Pascal Fulacher (France).

Excused : Joseph Belletante (Musée de l’imprimerie et de la communication graphique, Lyon, France), Frédéric Terrier (Les mille univers, Bourges, France).

Members : Jan Erik Overgard (Pressemuseet Fjeld-Ljoms, Venner, Norway), Annikki Torgersen (Pressemuseet Fjeld-Ljoms, Venner, Norway), Jacques Driot (Maison de l’imprimerie, Rebais, France), Alain Hurstel (Espace européen Gutenberg, Strasbourg, France), Guy Tinsel (Espace Européen Gutenberg, Strasbourg, France), Laurine Sandoval (Espace européen Gutenberg, Strasbourg, France), Marielle de Vault (Espace européen Gutenberg, Strasbourg, France), Pieter Neirinckx (Industriemuseum, Gand, Belgique), May Tove Nyrud (IDDIS, The Norwegian Printing Museum, Stavanger, Norway), Lene Amalie Aadahl (IDDIS, The Norwegian Printing Museum, Stavanger, Norway), Ingrid Tjemsland (IDDIS, The Norwegian Printing Museum, Stavanger, Norway), Arina Stoenescu (Lund University/Stiftelsen Skansen, Lund/Stockholm, Sweden), Dorothee Ader (Klingspor Museum, Offenbach, Germany), Sonu Yang (Cheongju Early Printing Museum, Cheongju, South Korea), Yun Heebong (Cheongju Early Printing Museum, Cheongju, South Korea), Eckehart SchumacherGebler (Offizin Haag-Drugulin, Dresden, Germany), Indra Kupferschmid (HBKsaar, Sarrebruck, Germany), Charlotte Biszewski (Typa, Tartu, Estonia), Ello Varias (Typa, Tartu, Estonia).

Représenté : Ioannis Garedakis, Museum of typography, Chania, Greece.

The session was chaired by Stefan Soltek

2. Approval of the minutes of the annual general meeting 2021

In the absence of objections or abstentions, the minutes were approved.

3. Chairman’s report

Stefan Soltek, chair of AEPM opened the meeting and thanked all of the members for their presence. He reminded everyone of the dramatic loss of personal contact and exchange during the Corona pandemic. He pointed out, that the board had had to learn to work with video-meetings. And also, the AGM of 2021 was an online event. All papers and talks given last year in Offenbach during the AEPM conference are now online on the webside of the Klingspor Museum.

Explanations concerning the relationship AEPM / IAPM. The Klingspor Museum is invited to Cheongju to present a selection aof its collections. The event (September 22, including a catalogue, is ment to be of symbolic character to indicate the strong connection between the two organisations.

Stefan explained the importance of step by step strengthening the AEPM network, between the members and between members and the board. It is this way of sending messages which can intensify the knowledge and actual projects among members. This would add up to the information given by the board. Members are also asked to reflect on the capacity  of the board when bringing up and suggesting projects. The better they are prepared, including how they may be realised, the more success is possible. The board will not be able to run projects itself but will certainly offer moderation and support as far as possible. The board further on will mainly be responsible for the conferences and preparing the general meetings. The chair declared that he was thankfull for all of the members’ awareness of the need of more time to catch up with the discussion of existing and new aims for the organisation.

4. Treasurer’s report

Patrick Goossens, treasurer of the AEPM, refered to the webside of AEPM where the report with was available for consultation before the meeting. The net increas in our reserves during 2021 was about 1000 €.

6. Auditor’s report

This report, too, can was available for consultation on the webside.

7. Approval of the accounts for the financial year 2021

With no objections and no abstentions both the financial reports and the accounts 2021 were approved.

Membership fee will stay the same as last year. The proposal of the board was adopted by the members

8. Discharge of the auditor for the exercise of his mandate 2021 and renewal of the mandate

With no objections or abstentions the work of the auditor was approved

9. Discharge of the board

With no objections or abstentions the work of the auditor was approved.

10. Budget 2022

The budget will be used especially for the planed book production, the running of the website and all changes of the statutes due to new legal rules in Belgium. Memebership payments held up well during the corona pandemic.

11. board members

The president introduced the members to the members of the board and indicated that Joost Depuydt, Antwerp, is stepping down from the board. He also asked for approval of two new board members who were co-opted to the board in 2021: Francisco Anon Roig, Valencia; Indra Kupferschmidt, Saarbrücken.

The new members were approved with no objections or abstentions

12. Prospects and programme 2022

Strengthening of communication. Using the online facilities and the website of AEPM to place all kind of information. It needs to keep up the contact of AEPM members with each other and the board-members to establish a high level of exchange of  knowledge of printing activities, events and publications within the AEPM.

Next conferences: 2023 has to be fixed soon. Possibly the Klingspor Museum will offer a meeting-event. The board will inform the members. The 2024 conference will be hosted by Typa in Tartu, Estonia.

In the absence of any further questions the meeting was closed and was followed by short presentations by members of their activities:

  • Pressemuseet (Norway): The complete Predigital Newspaper Museum in Roros.
  • Typa Musuem, Tartu,Estonia: Introduction to the history and activities of the museum
  • General Director Mr. Lee explained the Early Printing Museum, Cheongju. Explanations of the up coming show of the Klingspor Museum in Cheongju (September/Oktober 2022)
  • Maison de l’imprimerie in Rebais, France: Jacques Driot described its activities.
  • Association Espace Gutenberg, Strasbourg. Explanations of the aims and activities of the organisation.