Association of European printing museums

Annual general meeting 2014

The annual general meeting of the AEPM was held at the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, 25 October 2014

The following museums were represented:

– Amis du Musée de l’imprimerie, Lyon, France (Bernard Langlois)
– Atelier national de recherche typographique, Nancy, France (Alice Savoie)
– Book Art Museum, Lodz, Poland (Janusz Tryzno, Pawel Tryzno, Arkadiusz Rogosiński)
– Central Saint Martins School, London, United Kingdom (Catherine Dixon)
– Deutsches Zeitungsmuseum, Wadgassen, Germany (Roger Münch)
– Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, United Kingdom (Edwin Pickstone)
– Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, Germany (Annette Ludwig, Elke Schutt-Kehm, Claus Maywald)
– Les Mille univers, Bourges, France (France Labro-Dellion, Frédéric Terrier)
– Helsingborg Printing Museum, Helsingborg, Sweden (Gideon Bell, Mats Larsson)
– Kulturhuef, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg (Monika Jacobs)
– Les Mille univers, Bourges, France (France Labro-Dellion, Frédéric Terrier)
– Lyon Printing Museum, Lyon, France (Alan Marshall, Bernadette Moglia)
– Maison du patrimoine industriel et des arts graphiques, Geneva, Switzerland (Andréas Schweizer)
– Museum für Druckkunst, Leipzig, Germany (Christine Hartmann)
– Museum Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem, Netherlands (Johan de Zoete)
– Museum Meermanno, The Hague, Netherlands (Rickey Tax)
– Nationaal Museum van de Speelkaart, Hasselt, Belgium (Filip Cremers)
– Nouvelle Bibliothèque humaniste, Sélestat, France (Laurent Naas)
– Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp, Belgium (Iris Kockelbergh)
– The type archive, London, United Kingdom (Susan Shaw)
– Stadtarchiv und ehemals Reichsstädtische Bibliothek, Landau, Germany (Heiner Stauder)
– Tipoteca Italiana, Cornuda, Italy (Sandro Berra)

Individual members :

Robert Clerebaut, Brussels, Belgium
Rolf Demmerle, Heidelberg, Germany
J.T.W.A. Cornelisse, Philippine , Netherlands
Patrick Goosens, Antwerp ( ?), Belgium

The following members were excused:

Centre for fine print studies, Bristol, United-Kingdom (Steve Hoskins)
Internationales Zeitungsmuseum, Aachen, Germany (Andreas Düspohl)
MIAT, Ghent, Belgium (Robin Boone)

Chairman’s report 2012-2014

Symposium and annual meeting in Bristol, september 2013, was cancelled. The lack of response for this event was probably due to several factors: relative inactivity of the organisation, absence of a website with up-to-date information and the location (a university rather than a museum). Also some members didn’t inform us in time of their intention of coming.

Decisions made at the Board Meeting in Bristol 

– to provide the Association with a new, multilingual website: a protoype was launched in febrauary 2014, this went public with an import of relevant data from the old website.

– to launch a membership drive with a target of 40 members for 2014:  membership curently stands at slightly over 40.
Johan de Zoete (Joh Enschedé Museum , Netherlands) asked that reminder for membership be sent out early in the coming year together with an invoice. Rolf Demerle remarked that when the Belgian bank account is settled, it will be easier to send an invoice.

– to officially register the Association as a non-profit organisation: the AEPM was registered as an association sans but lucratif (Asbl) in Brussels in February 2014

– to organise the next annual meeting in the autumn of 2014: the Gutenberg Museum (Mainz) was approached and immediately (and enthusiastically) accepted to host the meeting.

The chairman’s report was unanimously approved.

Treasurers report

At the beginning of 2014, our bank account stood at 6,740 euros. This year we spent 5,900 euros on the website and we received 2,840 in membership fees. Currently, the bank account stands at 3,600 euro. In the near future we will open a bank account in Belgium.

In January we will send out reminders for 2015 membership. In accordance with Belgian law, we require an official accuntant. Break even point is 50 members paying 50 euros annually. RD calls for suggestions of sponsors. (Bi-) annual meetings more or less break even. Laurent Naas asks why we registred in Belgium? Roger Demmerle: the type of organization which Belgium had to offer was the most flexible one. To register for instance in Germany would make it more complicated.

The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.

Call for new board members and election of the board

Members with a particular interest or skill are encouraged to join the board. There is no shortage of things to be done. The facebook site is appreciated. Sandro Berra: an internal group could be set up.

Frédéric Terrier (Les Mille univers, Bourges, France) offered to serve as membership secretary. He was warmly welcomed and unanimously elected.

Following a general discussion of the workings of the board, the existing board members all declared that they were willing to stand again and were unanimously reelected. The members of the new board are thus as follows :

Chair : Alan Marshall (Musée de l’imprimerie et de la communication graphique, Lyon, France)

Secretary : Rickey Tax (Meermanno Museum, The Hague, Netherlands)

Treasurer : Rolf Demmerle (Heidelberg, Bermany)

Publications secretary : Frédéric Terrier (Les Mille unvers, Bourges, France)

Membership secretary : Robin Boone (excused) will be renewed if he is willing to continue.

Members :

Robert Clerebaut (Bruxelles, Belgium)

Andreas Düspohl (Internationale Zeitungsmuseum, Aachen, Germany)

Stephen Hoskins (Centre of Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK)

Andréas Schweizer (Association pour le patrimoine industriel, Geneva, Switzerland)

Membership drive

Members, including potential former members, should be contacted by email and post. The web database currently contains 200 adresses with email and about 30 without email.

We currently have two supporting members: Artegraf/Maury imprimeurs (Malesherbes, France) and Robert Clerebaut (Brussels, Belgium). Several of the larger institutional members might consider becoming a supporting member.

It would be useful to have local ‘ambassadors’ for the membership drive, who could point potential members to the website.

Mats Larsson indicated that the Swedish Association of printing museums intends to become a member.

Sandro Berra (Tipoteca italiana, Italy): What is more European than printing? There is a large interest with the graphic community of today. We should connect these communities with heritage workshops and museums and their treasures. We should also not forget the papermakers, who have an interest in keeping workshops, etc. alive. These people could also make a donation. For this, we could open a Paypal account.

Sue Shaw (Type archive, United Kingdom): Why not try collecting money from the EC? Rolf Demmerle : This has been tried in the past, but proved very complicated and perhaps too time-consuming for the AEPM. Pavel Tryzno (Book art museum, Poland): Actually the situation is now very positive for the AEPM, as the organization is considered as a single partner within Horizon 2020.

Current activities

The new website has been built as a collaborative tool using the WordPress content management system). Members of the Association can share information about their organisation and its activities by posting it directly sur the site. They can also add a picture gallery for their, museum or collection.Non-members can also have access to be included in our listings. After approval they can sign in to the Links section.

At the moment the website is growing steadily and members are encouraged to enter their information. Should you have forgotten your password, just go through the ‘member login’ function which can be found at the bottom of each screen, and you will be provided with a new one. If you have also lost your login please contact


Les Mille Univers (Bourges, France) offered to print occasional publications of the AEPM , including the conference papers. This offer was enthousiastically accepted.

AEPM 2015

Sandro Berra offers on behalf of the Tipoteca Italiana in Cornuda to host AEPM 2015 with a possible extension to Venice, in commemoration of 500 years Aldus Manutius (1449-1515). The suggestion date is the last weekend of September. The theme for the meeting has to be discussed (for example, the value of typographical collections for contemporary graphic designers).

AEPM 2016

It was suggested that AEPM 2016 could approach the Plantin-Moretus Museum with a view to hosting the 2016 meeting. Informal contacts have raised the question of organising a joint meeting every second year with IADM.

Request for Cooperation

Book Art Museum, Lodz (Poland) is developing virtual reality technology for a 360° x 360° projection of spaces. A demonstration is given using special glasses. This could attract virtual (paying) visitors. Future generations need a multipurpose device / a new medium. The museum is looking for European partners, such as AEPM. Applications with a Belgian partner are of particular interest (Cultural hotspots network). The time scheme for application: 10-12-14 opening debate; 10-1-2015: consortium initiative; 10-1 until 10-2-2015: meeting of potential partners; 10-2-2015 onwards: working on application

Any other business

Sandro Berra calls for exchanges of exhibitions and of high resolution picture files.

Mats Larsson informed members that the Helsonborg Printing Museum will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary on 25 April 2015.

Johan de Zoete: Following the purchase of the Joh. Enschedé company in Haarlem by an investment company the museum will be moved to the North-Holland archives in Haarlem. Machines and other hardware will be stored for the time being. There will be no successor for Johan ; he will write an article in the coming newsletter.