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The Printing Museum (Whare Taonga Perehitanga)

News   November 2018   AEPM asbl

The Printing Museum, Wellington, New Zealand Guest post by Jürgen Wegner. First published in The Shadowland Newsletter, n° 89, September 2018. PO Box 419, Eastwood NSW 2122, Australia. Republished by kind permission. The Printing Museum Inc. is a New Zealand printing museum which is located not far from the capital city of Wellington. It was […]

Two new printing museums open in the space of one week!

News   26 October 2018   AEPM asbl

New printing museums. After Malesherbes (France), Montepulciano (Italy) It must be a record – two new printing museums inaugurated in the space of one week! Two days after the official opening of the Atelier-Musée Imprimerie (AMI) at Malesherbes in France, the Museo del Libro e Officina della Stampa was inaugurated at Montepulciano in Italy. The […]

First impressions of Europe’s newest printing museum

News   October 2018   AEPM asbl

[Malesherbes, France] The biggest printing museum in Europe opens in Malesherbes, France See also the AEPM Flickr photo album devoted to the AMI ici. September 28 saw the arrival of a major new actor on the European printing museum scene with the opening of the Atelier-Musée Imprimerie (AMI) at Malesherbes, 70 kilometres South of Paris. […]

For sale: Heidelberg platen

News   October 2018   AEPM asbl

[Andrésy, France] Heidelberg platen for sale Contact: Teddy Odor ESAT Gustave Eiffel Z.A. des Gaudines 10, rue Gustave Eiffel 78570 Andrésy Tel : 06 73 43 38 46

Researcher seeks Mincel and Bouchery & Mincel keyboards

News   October 2018   AEPM asbl

Desperately seeking keyboards! Do you have any of the keyboards shown below in your collections? They were built in France between 1964 et 1971 by Mincel (later Bouchery&Mincel) in runs of several hundred each and were used for both hot-metal and cold composition. GC64R keyboard for Linotype and Intertype linecasters. Early GC64 S1, S2, S2B […]

Roundtable on the history of print culture

News   26 octobre 2018   AEPM asbl

[Leeds, United Kingdom] Moments of change: print and print culture Alumni Room, School of English University of Leeds 26 October –  3:30-5pm Featuring: Caroline Archer (Birmingham City University) Sheena Calvert (Camberwell College, University of the Arts) Will Hill, (Anglia Ruskin) Fiona Ross (University of Reading) Helen Smith (University of York) On 26 October the Centre […]

Living letterpress in Dresden

News   October 2018   AEPM asbl

A glimpse of the Offizin Haag-Drugulin letterpress workshop The Offizin Haag-Drugulin is a long time member of the AEPM. It is not a museum as such. Rather a traditional letterpress company in Dresden, Germany doing both typesetting and printing with the particularity that is has one of the world’s largest collections of monotype matrices. Although […]

Conference: The art of transient print

News   9-10 July 2019   AEPM asbl

[Call for papers] Dregs dross and debris: the art of transient print Print Networks in conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University and the Centre for Printing History and Culture is pleased to announce the following call for papers. Dregs, dross and debris: the art of transient print 9-10 July, 2019 Liverpool John Moores University An […]

Exhibition: Quentin Blake at the Museum Meermanno

News   October 2018   AEPM asbl

Most comprehensive exhibition of Quentin Blake’s work to-date House of the book | Museum Meermanno 6 October 2018 until 3 March 2019 From 6 October 2018 until 3 March 2019 the House of the Book will present the major exhibition Quentin Blake’s friends: Matilda, Mr Stink and the Minpins. The exhibition is a collaboration between […]

Be open: an international conference of printing museums

News   1 - 3 October 2018   AEPM asbl

Promoting the cause of printing heritage Representatives from fifty-five printing museums and similar organisations involved in printing heritage in twenty-one countries worldwide came together from 2-4 October for an international conference about printing heritage at the invitation of the City of Cheongju in South Korea. Cheongju is the home of the Early Printing Museum, which […]

Latin American Network of Graphic Culture – RED-CG

News   September 2018   AEPM asbl

Latin American Network of Graphic Culture – RED-CG Latin American Network of Graphic Culture – RED-CG is an initiative that seeks to strengthen the contact between institutions and professionals that are dedicated to the broad spectrum of topics, discourses and actions constituted around the history of the book and the preservation of the Latin American […]

Baskerville in France

News   18-19 October 2018   AEPM asbl

[Amiens, France] Centre for Printing History and Culture You are cordially invited to a two-day international conference organised by the Centre for Printing History and Culture (Birmingham) in conjunction with École supérieure d’art et de design (Amiens) with the support of the Ministère de la Culture, and the Bibliographical Society. Venue Ministère de la culture […]

Lithographic hand press + standing press

News   September 2018   AEPM asbl

A lithographic hand press and a standing press are looking for a good home. Location: Ghent, Belgium. Contact: Phillipe Leybaert 0032 (0)475 71 61 57

IADM annual conference 2018

News   1-3 November 2018   AEPM asbl

IADM 2018 annual conference programme now on-line The programme of the annual meeting of the IADM (Internationalen Arbeitskreises für Druck- und Mediengeschichte) is now on-line. The conference will take place from 1st to 3rd November 2018 in the Gutenberg Museum (Mainz, Germany) on the theme: Johannes Gutenberg – the first ‘engineer’ of printing technology. New […]

Call for participants: XiloPrint 2019 Brazil

News   August 2018   AEPM asbl

[Campos do Jordão, Brazil] International exhibition: XiloPrint 2019 Brazil The Xylography Museum / Museu Casa da Xilogravura is looking for woodcut and wood engraving prints from all over the world. The  Xylography Museum / Museu Casa da Xilogravura invites all the engravers of the world who do not live in Brazil to take part in […]

Endless letterpress: the film!

News   July 2018   AEPM asbl

Endless letterpress A feature-length film by Pablo Pivetta and Nicolas Rodriguez Fuchs As Mark Twain once said, so might have Gutenberg: ‘The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’. Hardly a day goes by but a new letterpress workshop opens somewhere in the world. And, surprise, surprise, they are usually run by young people, […]

Atelier Musée de l’imprimerie to open in September

News   September 2018   AEPM asbl

[Malesherbes, France] The biggest printing museum in Europe will open in September The eagerly-awaited opening of Europe’s largest printing museum – the Atelier Musée de l’imprimerie – has been announced for September. The Museum, created by Chantal and Jean-Paul Maury of the major French printing group of the same name, is located 70 km south […]

The Marcus Behmer Collection of the Klingspor Museum

News   12th July to 2nd September 2018   AEPM asbl

[Offenbach, Germany] Delphine in Offenbach. The Marcus Behmer Collection of the Klingspor Museum Exhibition at the Klingspor Museum 12th July to 2nd September 2018 Opening on 11th July at 7 pm Marcus Behmer (1879-1958) is one of the most important book illustrators in the first half of the 20th century. He also worked as a […]

A printing museum in the making at the University of Ioannina (Greece)

News   June 2018   AEPM asbl

[Ioannina, Greece] A printing museum in the making at the University of Ioannina Account of a visit to the collections of the University of Ioannina’s Museum of Typography and Graphic Arts Technology, by Alan Marshall.[1] See also the Museum of Typography photo album in the AEPM Flickr gallery. Ioannina is a small city with a […]