27 May 2023 // Museo de la Imprenta y de las artes graficas de Valencia

XXI Chapter Celebration. Senate of Valencia’s Printing Museum

On May 27th, the Senate of the Printing Museum held its XXI Chapter, in which new Senators were appointed, the Board of Directors was also renewed. Aranzazu Guerola was appointed president of the Association.

Posted June 13, 2023 // Museo de la Imprenta y de las artes graficas de Valencia

2nd Printing Day. Senate of Valencia’s Printing Museum

On October 29, we celebrated the 2nd Printing Day in collaboration with the El Puig de Santa María City Council. We present a facsimile of Tirant lo Blanch, a milestone in incunabula printing in the Valencian language, the showcase dedicated to the first great Valencian lithographer, Antoni Pascual i Abad from Alcoy, copies of the

8 giugno 2023 // aimsc

The art of stone printing

The fascinating world of lithography We cannot overlook the invention of lithography in 1796 by the German Alois Senefelder, a technique which revolutionised the world of printing. The undisputed protagonist of this technique, which exploits the chemical properties of the materials involved, is the polished limestone on which the work to be reproduced is drawn

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Exhibition catalogue for the special exhibition “Veronika Weingärtner: shape of colour. 21st Mainz City Printer”

An exhibition catalogue featuring the works of Veronika Weingärtner has been produced as part of the special exhibition that opened recently at the Gutenberg Museum. In addition to the exhibited works, the catalogue contains a foreword by Dr. Ulf Sölter, a conversation with the artist and information on the Mainzer Stadtdrucker / Mainzer Stadtdruckerin award.

Closing date: A June 2023 // AEPM webmaster

Call for applications for the Joh. Enschedé Fellowship

The Joh. Enschedé Fellowship programme encourages research into the unique and extensive collection of the former Museum Enschedé, the company museum of Royal Joh. Enschedé, formerly Joh. Enschedé and Sons. The activities of this company spanned over three centuries of printing, publishing, typefounding and security printing such as banknotes and stamps. The collection reflects the

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Leipzig Museum für Druckkunst receives unique cultural treasure from Dresden

The Leipzig Museum für Druckkunst is taking over the unique collection of historical printed matter, type matrices and machines of the Offizin Haag-Drugulin printing workshop which closed down at the beginning of the year, following the death of its owner, Professor Eckehart SchumacherGebler, who was regarded as one of the world’s most renowned print historians

9 May - 24 June 2023 // AEPM webmaster

Decorated papers : three centuries of European printed decorated papers

An exhibition of printed decorated papers 9 May – 24 June 2023 at the St Bride Foundation, London The exhibition includes over 200 papers from the early 18th century to the present day from Germany, Italy, France and Britain. A variety of techniques were employed including engraved metal plates, carved fruitwood blocks and lithography. From

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Talking of printing: a new publication from the AEPM

Talking of printing A selection of talks given between 2005 and 2020 at the annual conference of the Association of European Printing Museums Talking of printing offers a selection of talks reflecting the diversity of speakers at the AEPM’s annual conferences and of the wide range of subjects they have addressed over the years. It

25 - 27 May 2023 // AEPM webmaster

AEPM 2023 annual conference programme

The programme of the AEPM annual conference 2023 is now online The conference is being hosted this year by the Klingspor Museum and Haus der Stadtgeschichte (local history museum) in Offenbach am Main (Germany) on the theme Quo vadis? Printing discovering its future. The conference will take place in Offenbach am Main  from 25 –

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Important information: 2023 AEPM annual conference has changed venue

We regret to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances the Atelier du livre d’art et de l’estampe (Imprimerie nationale) is unable to host the AEPM’s 2023 annual conference as was initially planned. We thank the team most sincerely for all the effort they put into the initial planning stages of the programme and wish them

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Earth is calling! Posters from 100 years of environmental and climate action

New exhibition at the Danish Poster Museum In today’s urban areas, different posters compete for physical space and for a voice in the climate agenda: demonstration posters that try to mobilise people to attend climate marches, advertising posters with sustainable intentions, green messages on political posters and state energy posters with energy-saving tips. Inspired by

January 2023 // AEPM webmaster

Tipoteca Italiana and The International Printing Museum honoured by the American Printing History Association

APHA’s 2023 Institutional Award announced This year the American Printing History Association‘s prestigious Institutional Award honours two printing museums, one in Italy the other in the United States. Founded in 1995, the Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione, is a museum, archive, library, and ‘working studio print shop’ in Cornuda, Italy. In his acceptance speech on behalf of

26 January 2023 – April 24 2023 // AEPM webmaster

Print Pound Notes!

Exhibition celebrating 100 years of Adana 26 January 2023 – April 24 2023 Monday – Friday 10:00-5:00pm Please note: the exhibition space is not always open due to its dual usage. Please contact St Bride Foundation at info@sbf.org.uk before you come to avoid disappointment. The Adana printing press is 100 years old and to mark

30 March 2023 // AEPM webmaster

Designing type revivals

With Riccardo Olocco and Michele Patanè Talk: online and in-person Thursday 30 March 2023 7–8.30 pm BST St Bride Foundation Book Tickets HERE What do we need to design a type revival? Looking beyond the limits of a definition, Riccardo and Michele – both experienced designers and educators – will provide reflections to understand what

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Call to save a cultural treasure

The future of the Offizin Haag-Drugulin, Dresden, is uncertain By Silvia Werfel After the death of Eckehart SchumacherGebler on 17 December 2022, it is uncertain what will happen to Offizin Haag-Drugulin (OHD). SchumacherGebler had taken over the renowned Leipzig company, founded in 1829, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and most recently continued to

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Eckehart SchumacherGebler (1934-2022)

Obituary The death of Eckehart SchumacherGebler on 17 December 2022 (born 1934) has affected all of his friends in the fields typography and printing. Few people were so closely involved in actively safeguarding historical type culture. Who else could have managed with such professionalism the continued use of old typefaces in the present day. Eckehart

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Life and everyday life in Aachen – Achim Ferrari ’80s Photos

Exhibition 24.09.2022 – 12.02.2023 An exhibition dedicated to Aachen was opened at the International Newspaper Museum for the Art Route 2022 Show off 50 pictures of Achim Ferrari, who captured the colours of the 1980s with his camera in a unique way. Still marked by the traces of destruction caused by the Second World War,

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The Klingspor Type Archive is online!

The type specimens of the Klingspor Type Foundry Offenbach are now available online on our new website. For the moment there are 1000 digital images, and many more will be added next year. On the website, designed by Turbo Type, you can search by colour, typeface or designer, and current projects on the subject are

17 - 18 July 2023 // AEPM webmaster

Symposium on the study of books and literature in exhibitions

Call for Papers International graduate student symposium on the study of books and literature in exhibitions The multimodal and multifaceted ways in which books and literature may be exploited in exhibitions has captured the attention of scholars from a variety of disciplines: from museum and curatorial studies to literary criticism, art history, communication and media studies,

7 November 2022 - 10 March 2023 // AEPM webmaster

7th international poster contest – Planet Earth at the ecological crossroad

Call for participation The Giannis and Eleni Garedaki Museum of Typography (Chania, Crete) has announced its 7th International Poster Contest, entitled Planet Earth at the ecological crossroad. At the peak of the climate crisis, the message of environmental awareness is required to reach as many of us as possible. The poster as ‘messenger’ plays its