February 25–August 21, 2022 // AEPM webmaster

The utopian avant-Garde: Soviet film posters of the 1920s

New exhibition at the Poster House, New York, February 25–August 21, 2022 In the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent civil war in Russia, a group of young, talented artists emerged, ready to contribute to and invent a new Soviet culture. As the government embrace cinema as the best means of propaganda, these designers

5 - 7 mai 2022 // AEPM webmaster

The AEPM 2022 annual conference programme is now online

The theme of the conference is… Why do we make printing museums? It is being hosted this year by the fabulous Atelier-Musée de l’Imprimerie in Malesherbes (France), one of the newest, largest and most impressive printing museums in Europe. Its fascinating mix of machines, processes and printed products is not to be missed on any

20 February - 13 March 2022 // AEPM webmaster

Litografiska Museet reopens with a new exhibition

The Lithography Museum in Huddinge (Sweden) will reopen on the 20th February with an exhibition of lithographs, drawings and paintings by Yvonne Jeppsson. Jeppsson lives and works in Stockholm/Småland and is an active member of the Litografiska Museet. She was educated at the Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts 1980-86, where she specialised in painting. For

Until 10 October 2022 // AEPM webmaster

Origins of one of the United States’ principal graphic design collections

Sarah & Eleanor Hewitt: Designing a Modern Museum Cooper Hewitt Museum, until October 10 2022 Sarah & Eleanor Hewitt: Designing a Modern Museum chronicles the colorful lives and contributions of the dynamic sisters and explores how they created The Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration. Through archival photography and documents, personal drawings and

Posted February 4, 2022 // AEPM webmaster

Update and appeal from fire-striken historic Frogmore Paper Mill

Saturday 22nd January 2022, a day we will always remember, the day fire ripped through the visitor centre and staff could only stand and watch. It has been a challenging week for everyone at Frogmore Paper Mill following the fire on our site last weekend. Our staff and volunteers have been hard at work assessing

22 January 2022 // AEPM webmaster

Historic Frogmore Paper Mill closed after fire

Following a fire on 22 January 2022, Frogmore Paper Mill will be closed to visitors until further notice. Nobody was injured during the fire, but there has been extensive damage to the visitor centre. The Mill is in the process of assessing the damage to the site and to its collection, and is hopeful that

Posted January 19, 2022 // printing.museum.armenia

Printing Museum of Armenia’s collections go online

As a result of the partnership with the National Library of Armenia and Google Cultural Institute the first online collection of the Printing Museum of Armenia has been available on Google Arts & Culture since June 2021. The exceptional exhibition intends to bring the attention of the world to the history and path of Armenian

8 - 29 January 2022 // AEPM webmaster

The Boston Printmakers at the Museum of Printing, Haverhill

CONNECT: Prints by members of The Boston Printmakers Every Saturday from January 8–29, 2022, the Museum of Printing, Haverhill, Mass., is presenting the work of The Boston Printmakers, with platemaking and printing demonstrations, artists and portfolio presentations, and hands-on workshops. Participants include: Joshua Brennan, Kate Conlon, Susan Denniston prints, Lesley Eliet, Stacy Friedman, Full Tilt Print Studio,

Posted January 4, 2022 // AEPM webmaster

Typoteka.pl — an invaluable online typographical resource

The Typoteka website: almost 450 years of Polish typefaces From our Australian correspondent, Jürgen Wegner, editor of The shadowland newsletter, Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia. First published in The shadowland newsletter, n° 129, December 2021. A bonus when you are sent a variety of digital publications such as newsletters is that they allow you to

Posted December 29, 2021 // AEPM webmaster

End of the year recap from the C. C. Stern Type Foundry

With the postponement of the 2020 AEPM annual conference and its slightly experimental online edition organised by the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach in the Spring of this year we missed out on our usual news session, when museums share updates on their progress and latest projects. So to catch up we are very happy to

Posted December 22, 2021 // Museo de la Imprenta y de las artes graficas de Valencia

Exhibition on the occasion of the 11th Gutenberg Literary Festival in El Puig de Santa María (Valencia)

An exhibition entitled Impressions has been inaugurated as part of the celebration of the 11th Gutenberg Literary Festival in El Puig de Santa María (Valencia), organized by the Town Council. With funding from the Printing and Graphic Arts Museum of Valencia.  

18 December 2021 // Museo de la Imprenta y de las artes graficas de Valencia

Mr Enrique Fink Hurtado awarded Gutenberg distinction.

Last December 18th, the President of the Association of Friends of the Museo de la Imprenta y de las artes graficas de Valencia, Mr. Enrique Fink Hurtado, received  the “Gutenberg Award” distiction awarded by the El Puig de Santamaria City Council, delivered by the Mayor, Ms. Luisa Salvador Tomas, in recognition of his work in

Posted December 9, 2021 // Museo de la Imprenta y de las artes graficas de Valencia

First edition of Printing Day at Valencia’s Printing Museum

The first edition of Printing Day at Valencia’s Printing Museum took place on the 16th October. There were different activities for kids and visitors. Special thanks go to Luisa Salvador, Major of El Puig who gave a Gutenberg figure to the Museum. Thanks also go to Valencia city council’s director of tourism, Emiliano Martín and

Posted December 9, 2021 // Museo de la Imprenta y de las artes graficas de Valencia

Valencia’s Printing Museum’s new website

We are pleased to announce the update of our Museum website, where you can find information about our activities, publications and Museum machinery and contents. We invite you to enter and contact us for any topic at https://www.senadomuseoimprenta.org.es/  

Posted December 8, 2021 // AEPM webmaster

The AEPM 2021 conference is now on the Klingspor Museum’s YouTube channel

If you missed the AEPM’s 2021 annual conference, you can now catch up on all or part of it on the Klingspor Museum’s YouTube channel. A quick reminder of the speakers and topics that were dealt with during the conference: Joseph Belletante, curator of the Museum of printing and graphic communication, Lyon, France — Ne

Posted December 1, 2021 // AEPM webmaster

The life and extraordinary achievements of one Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell

Latest in our series of occasional publications on subjects related to graphic heritage: thoughts on one of the foremost inventors in twentieth century printing and on the Hell Verein Kiel, the German association which works to preserve his material and intellectual heritage. From our Australian correspondent Jürgen Wegner, editor of The Shadowland newsletter

5 - 7 May 2022 // AEPM webmaster

Save the date! AEPM annual conference 2022

5, 6, 7 May 2022 Hold the presses! Save the date! Do whatever you usually do to not forget! The AEPM’s annual conference is being hosted in 2022 by the fabulous Atelier-Musée de l’Imprimerie in Malesherbes (France). One of the newest, largest and most impressive printing museums in Europe. Its fascinating mix of machines, processes

7 November 2021 - 6 March 2022 // AEPM webmaster

Greetings from the Orient

New exhibition at the House of the Book (Huis van het boek) What do people from Europe see when they travel to the Middle East and North Africa? The area that used to be called the Orient? For hundreds of years travellers have written about their adventures. Later, they took pictures of what they saw.

8th November - 10th December 2021 // AEPM webmaster

Typoteka – Polish typefaces 1474-2021

An exhibition at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication of the University of Reading University of Reading, UK8th November – 10th December 2021 Typoteka – Polish Typefaces 1474-2021 is the result of a research project started in 2020 by Borys Kosmynka and first published in online at https://typoteka.pl/pl.The exhibition opening and a public lecture

Posted October 26, 2021 // AEPM webmaster

Is there a future for our printing museums?

Thoughts on Australian and New Zealand printing museums from our Australian correspondant and avid collector of all kinds of documentation concerning printing and the book arts, Jürgen Wegner. This article first appeared in The Shadowland newsletter, #127, October 2021. The shining light in Australian and New Zealand printing history is the printing museum in Wellington,