[Cania, Crete, Greece]

Museum of Typography’s 4th poster competition attracts a record number of entries

570 entries from 50 countries were submitted for the fourth poster competition organised by the Chania-based Typography Museum (Μουσείο Τυπογραφίας). Entries ended at midnight on Sunday 13 may.

The number of entries was significantly higher than for previous editions of the competition with participants from literally every corner of the world: Japan, China, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, India, Greece, Cyprus, Iran, Chile, Turkey, Estonia, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Taiwan, Lithuania, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Egypt, Russia, Italy, Libya, Canada, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, France, Indonesia, Scotland, Lebanon, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Palestine, Argentina, Israel, Serbia, Oman, Slovakia, Finland, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Ireland.

The entries will now be evaluated by the distinguished members of the jury:
• Δημήτρη Αρβανίτη, graphic designer, member of AGI – Alliance Graphique Internationale,
• Yannis Garedakis, journalist, publisher and founder of the newspaper Haniotika nea and president of the Museum of Typography,
• Leela Kalogerḗ, illustrator,
• Antonis Papantōnópoulo, printer, graphic, artist,
• Tzanéto Petropouléa, designer, chair of the Greek Association of Graphic Designers,
• Juan Diego Restrepo, graphic designer, winner of the 3rd poster contest.

The results will be announced, and the awards presented on Saturday 23 June, at a reception to be held in the auditorium of the printing museum.

The first three posters to be distinguished will receive significant cash prizes:
• 1,000 euro the first winner
• 700 euro the second winner
• 500 euro the third winner