Museum of Typography (Chania) in Council of Europe cultural route

Recent publication about European Industrial Heritage Routes (ERIH)

The Greek Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has issued a brochure presenting the various Council of Europe cultural routes involving Greece.

One of these routes, the European Industrial Heritage Route (ERIH) crosses Crete and is represented by the Giannis and Eleni Garedaki Museum of Typography in Chania which hosted the AEPM annual conference in 2017.

The brochure describes all the Greek organizations already participating in certified Council of Europe routes (including the Museum of typography) as well those which are in the process of becoming part of a route.

The brochure is the result of a joint effort by the diplomatic Cabinet of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Afairs of Diaspora Greeks, the Directorate of International Relations and European Union of the Ministry of Culture, the Public Diplomacy Office of the Permanent Mission of Greece to the Council of Europe, and the administrative Regions of Greece.

The Cultural Routes programme, which was launched by the Council of Europe in 1987, offers a journey through space and time demonstrating how the heritage of the different European countries and cultures constitutes a shared cultural heritage. The Cultural Routes put into practice the fundamental values of the Council of Europe: human rights, cultural democracy, diversity and identity, dialogue, mutual exchange and enrichments across boundaries and centuries. As of 2019, there are 38 certifed Council of Europe cultural routes.

The brochure is available online on the website of the Greek Presidency of the Council of Europe: