Letterpress: the evolution of an ancient technique. Rediscovery of an art

Insight into the evolution of letterpress: its applications in art, publishing and design

Thursday, April 4 · 6:30 – 7:15pm CEST

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In an increasingly digital world, Letterpress represents a return to its origins, an art that combines traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation.

During the meeting, we will have the honour of welcoming one of the leading experts in the field, Professor Lucio Passerini, professor of typographic laboratory at the Bauer Institute in Milan. With a career dedicated to engraving, design and printing, Passerini is an authoritative figure in the world of relief printing.

We will also have the pleasure of welcoming Giulia Poli, a freelance book designer who designs and produces paper products and services for cultural promotion, and Claudio Madella, a freelance visual designer, who works in the graphics sector, both lecturers at the Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata (Super), the School of Crafts in Milan.

With them we will discover that Letterpress is not just a printing technique, but a combination of creativity and precision, where every detail counts. We will explore the evolution of Letterpress up to the present day, analysing its applications in art, publishing and design.It will be an opportunity to understand how this ancient technique continues to inspire and influence the contemporary printing landscape.

About the speakers

Jiulia Poli https://scuolaarteapplicata.it/docente/giulia-poli/
Claudio Madella https://scuolaarteapplicata.it/docente/claudio-madella/
Lucio Passerini https://scuolaarteapplicata.it/docente/lucio-passerini/