Futurism and anarchist writing. Italics, bold type, capital letters, coloured inks. A typographic revolution!


The Futurist typographic revolution began in 1912 when Filippo Tommaso Marinetti composed the first ‘words in freedom’. Writing becomes graphic, he orchestrates colours, noises and sounds. He combines the materials of languages and dialects. Arithmetic and geometric formulas. The old, deformed, new words.

Futurist writing forces one to enter into the narrator’s goals, to look and visualise, rather than read, the text.

Can you imagine what a challenge composers and printers faced when faced with absolute typographical disharmony?

In our meeting we will learn about the outcome of this revolution, which was the subject of an interesting Master’s thesis in Communication Design by Michele La Rosa with supervisor Professor Mario Piazza of the Milan Polytechnic. Both will be our guests together with Luigi Lanfossi and Sandro Berra.


Luigi Lanfossi vice president of the “Andrea Schiavi” Museum of Printing and Art Printmaking in Lodi
Sandro Berra, coordinator Tipoteca Italiana. Type and Printing Museum
Mario Piazza, lecturer at the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano
Michele La Rosa, graphic designer, specialising in Branding and Publishing


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