The art of stone printing

The fascinating world of lithography

We cannot overlook the invention of lithography in 1796 by the German Alois Senefelder, a technique which revolutionised the world of printing.

The undisputed protagonist of this technique, which exploits the chemical properties of the materials involved, is the polished limestone on which the work to be reproduced is drawn with a greasy pencil or a brush soaked in greasy ink.

The heads of two museums associated with AIMSC will speak directly to us about lithography and why it is still used today by artists and printers to create prints of the highest quality.

We will listen to Gianni Ottaviani of the ‘Tipografia Grifani Donati 1799’ in Città di Castello, who produces lithographs with printing presses dating back to the time of its foundation, and then we will virtually move to Lecce and hear Vincenzo Gilenardi of the ‘Città di Lecce’ Printing Museum, which has the distinction of being a living museum, loved and visited by schoolchildren, amateurs and scholars who can learn about ancient and contemporary printing techniques.

Both will participate with their respective guests, Fabio Mariacci and Nicoletta Scilimati, in this the tenth meeting in the series of Man and machine organised in collaboration with the Italian Association of Printing and Paper Museums (AIMSC) under the patronage of the National Board for Professional Education Printing, Papermaking and Converting (ENIP-GCT)

The speakers

Gianni Ottaviani, an experienced and passionate typographer, Ottaviani runs the atelier of Typografica Griffani-Donati, one of Italy’s most important and oldest printing houses

Fabio Mariacci, Italian artist specialising in the technique of lithography, Mariacci has exhibited his works in numerous exhibitions and galleries in Italy and abroad

Vincenzo Gilenardi, inspirer and founder of the “Città di Lecce” Printing Museum, has long experience in supplying accessories and equipment for the Graphic Arts.

Nicoletta Scilimati, visual artist and lecturer in graphic art at the Lecce Academy of Fine Arts.


The meeting will take place online via Zoom on Thursday 8 June at 6.30 pm.
To obtain the Zoom link, which allows you to participate, you must register via:

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