Korrex Frankfurt Kraft

Call for information on a 1965 Korrex Frankfurt Kraft with blower

Last week, I worked on the press in the Royal Library in Brussels and managed to get it all up and running again. I have, however, a few questions. Hopefully another owner of the Frankfurt Kraft will be able to help me further or even to send me some photos.

I have made some photographs and circled the parts/areas concerned. I’ve read the manual, checked all the drawings that I possess of the Frankfurt, but my drawings are obviously of an earlier model.

I would be grateful for help here!

Thomas Gravemaker, LetterpressAmsterdam (Please reply to: tomscot@kpnmail.nl)

My questions:

1) Behind the cylinder an arm with a steel follower which moves forwards and backwards. Close to it sits a piece where obviously something is missing. What is missing here?

2) On the operator side a handle comes out under the bed, it activates a small lever close to the cylinder. What exactly is the function of this lever? Is it supposed to change from print to trip mode?