Joint European letterpress training

Association of Friends of the Press Museum Fjeld-Ljom, Røros, Norway

Call for candidates for the third session, to take place at the Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig

Danila Rygovskiy from Estonia and Maarten Renckens from Belgium working on the Typograph machine in Fjeld-Ljom.

The Association of Friends of the Press Museum Fjeld-Ljom was granted €9,900 in financial support from the European Commission and the Council of Europe under the European Heritage Days stories scheme for a project where enthusiasts from across Europe receive training in the use and maintenance of typesetting machines.

We have conducted the first two gatherings at our museum in Røros, Norway, and we are scheduled to hold a final session in collaboration with the Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig in March next year. We are extremely grateful that Director Katharina Walter of the museum has invited us to host this gathering at their premises.

During the first two sessions, we had visits from students from France, Poland, Estonia, and Portugal, in addition to recruits from our own Norwegian ranks. The feedback we have received has been unanimously positive, revealing a strong demand for this type of training. Many of the enthusiasts interested in improving their skills in the use of typesetting machines have limited financial means. Therefore, the opportunity to participate in a program where we cover parts of the travel and accommodation expenses is greatly appreciated.

When we host our third and final training session in March next year, we will announce a number of scholarships for those who wish to join. The scholarships will amount to €500 and will cover partial expenses for travel and accommodation.

In order for all participants to gain the most from the training in Leipzig, we must limit the number of attendees to seven students. Interested individuals can sign up now, and the final decision on who will participate and receive scholarships will be made in January.

For more information, please contact me via email:

Carl P Løken (left) teaching Luís Oliveira and Pedro Matos from Portugal in the use and maintenance of a Linotype line casting machine.

All local participants and visitors gathered outside the Press Museum Fjeld-Ljom in October. We got this winter’s first snow these days!