Machines on offer

Heidelberg ‘windmill’ platen press and Gestetner 26 portable stencil duplicator

Due to lack of space in our warehouse, we have to part with some of the equipment in store at Pressemuseet Fjeld-Ljom. These machines are offered to anyone who may find use for them. Interested parties will need to cover the transportation costs from Røros, Norway.

These are the machines:

Heidelberg ‘windmill’ platen press, paper size 30 x 40 cm. Probably in working order. Serial number, according to note on the machine: 27655.

Gestetner 26 portable stencil duplicator with carrying case. Made in the United Kingdom.

Kind Regards,
Jan Erik Øvergård
Pressemuseet Fjeld-Ljoms Venner

tel. + 47 930 42 382

Øra 29C
7374 Røros, Norway