Lithography conference 2017

Quo vadis: saxa loquuntur

The International Senefelder-Foundation (ISS) is organizing its first colloquium in Offenbach on the 5th/6th of December – the annual Lithography Day. The aim of event is to inform about all activities of lithography 200 years ago, after the publication of the first textbook by Alois Senefelder.



16.00 Possibiltiy to visit the Senefelder collection
19.00 Reception in the “town hall of the city Offenbach”


09.00 Registration (Aula der HfG / s. Anfahrt-Skizze)
09.15 Welcome
09.30 Keynote lecture and discussion
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Panorama 1
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Panorama 2
15.00 Coffee break
15.30 Discourse: Theses 1 – 4
17.00 Departure

Theses for lithography

1. Professional lithography has died in the 20th century. Presently there are worldwide few experts, the professional experience in the historical printing technology. To counter the loss of skill existing knowledge to transfer and document the material and immaterial inheritance necessary.

2. The artistic lithography uses possibilities of impression in link with experimental and creative techniques. Their goal is not in the professional duplication of templates, but in the creative process for the production of art. Since these artistic processes are an important one further development of lithography, are transfer and documentation of these artistic processes.

3. The value of original printing techniques is currently too low on market rated. Although the production of a lithography both professional and temporal requires a higher effort than for other artistic techniques, the countervalue is not generally perceived. It is necessary, artisans, collectors, museums, gallery owners and critics convince that hand prints of lithographs in small edition as originals to be displayed.

4. Although most lithography workshops know of other facilities and some meetings have been held, is a network of all worldwide activities necessary. It should be possible, that in a network exchange, cooperation and information will be better.

Internationale Senefelder-Stiftung Offenbach


Dr. Volker Dorsch
Dielmannstraße 23
63069 Offenbach/Main
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When and where

12 December 2017
House of city history
Herrenstr. 61
63065 Offenbach / Main
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