[Berlin, Germany]

A two-day seminar on the identification of photomechanical prints

In cooperation with IADA (International Association of Book and Paper Conservators)

Seminar, in English, to be held in Berlin, Germany on the 13-14 June 2019.
Lead by Hildegard Homburger.
The number of participants is limited to 8.

The subject

Within the total number of photomechanical prints, artistic works represent only a small part.

With the introduction of photography in the 19th century, printers no longer had to transfer the image manually onto the printing surface. Instead they could transfer the image by sensitizing the printing surface and exposing it to light, through a negative or positive depending on the printing technique being used.

With computer technology, negative or positive film is often no longer necessary. The image is transformed into dots by the computer and the image is transferred to the printing surface by light exposure in the machine.

Since their invention photomechanical printing techniques have continued to develop further. There are many similar variations of the same technique, each named differently by its inventor. This can be very confusing when identifying printed documents.

In this seminar the most important photomechanical techniques of relief, intaglio, planographic, screen and digital prints will be presented.

The different techniques (artistic and reproduction) will be examined by studying original prints under magnification. Two participants will share a stereomicroscope. The distinctive characteristics of each technique will be worked out through close examination of the original prints, as exercises in identification.

The two day course provides an opportunity to look at a great number and variety of original prints under magnification and to develop skills in the identification of their techniques. There will also be the opportunity to compare photomechanical with manual prints.

Registration: hombu@freenet.de

Fee: 290 € for IADA members
335 € for non-members


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