Posted June 5, 2019 // AEPM

Annual general meeting 2019

Association of European Printing Museums Annual general meeting 2019 The annual general meeting was held at the Museum Nationaal van der Speelkaart, Turnhout, Belgium, 25 May, 2019 List of members present Board members: Alan Marshall (chair), Patrick Goossens (Letter-Kunde, Belgium) treasurer and acting secretary, Stefan Soltek (Klingspor Museum, Germany, Pascal Fulacher (Atelier du livre d’art

Posted May 28, 2019 // AEPM

Voirin press (Deinze, Belgium)

Voirin printing press in good condition Format 105 cm. The press has been crated. Contact Dieter De Vos APT International nv De Tonne 73 – Industrial Zone 5 B-9800 Deinze (Belgique) Tel +32 93861571 Fax +32 93869941

July 28–August 2 // AEPM

The history of books and printing in Korea

Rare Book School is pleased to announce a new course: The History of Books and Printing in Korea (H-160). Join renowned curator Beth McKillop of the Victoria and Albert Museum July 28–August 2 at the Harvard-Yenching Library for a survey of books in Korea since 700 CE, with contextual references to developments in China and

Posted May 7, 2019 // AEPM

John Jarrold Printing Museum to be downsized, building to be demolished

[Norwich, United Kingdom] Following a decision by the City of Norwich’s planning committee on 14th March the John Jarrold Printing Museum will soon cease to exist in its present form. By a narrow vote the City approved plans to develop the old Jarrold Print Works site where the Museum is located with the result that

Posted April 23, 2019 // AEPM

Victoria Heidenau + Intertype

A Victoria Heidenau and an Intertype are on offer, free to a good home. Transport to be taken care of by the acquirer(s). Location Zomergem, Belgium. If interested contact Tel. 09 372 73 72

2 - 6 September 2019 // AEPM

Critical approaches to typography: an international summer school

From 2 to 6 September 2019, the Plantin Institute of Typography and the University of Antwerp are organizing an international summer school about Critical approaches to typography. Nowadays we can choose between a long list of fonts; professional documents can be delivered with only a small effort. Due to the continued development in desktop publishing

Posted April 8, 2019 // AEPM

St Bride Printing Library to have new librarian

Good news for the St Bride Printing Library. The St Bride Foundation has announced the appointment of Sophie Hawkey-Edwards as Foundation Librarian. The appointment signals the Board’s ongoing commitment to the maintenance and development of the unique, world-class collection of the St Bride Printing Library. The St Bride Foundation Printing Library contains one of the

Posted April 6, 2019 // AEPM

Discover the Banknote Museum of the Ionian Bank, Corfu (Greece)

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Posted March 31, 2019 // AEPM

The daily miracle: finding magic inside The New York Times’s printing plant

In its March 26th edition the The New York Times Magazine published a splendid photoreportage entitled ‘The daily miracle: finding magic inside The Times’s printing plant’. The photos – which were taken by Christopher Payne who spent two years shooting The Times’s printing operation in College Point, in the Queens district of New York –

10 & 11 October 2019 // AEPM

Conference: Post-war printing

[Call for papers/conference] Post-war printing 10 & 11 October 2019 Bodleian Library, University of Oxford Oxford, United Kingdom When the first post-war printing trade show opened its doors in 1955 the organisers enthusiastically declared: ‘man is on the threshold of a new age of technological development’. This excitement was reflected on the show floor, which

Posted March 14, 2019 // AEPM

Standing press/edition press for bookbinding

A large standing press/edition press for bookbinding is on offer free to a good home if collection is arranged and paid for. Removal would require specialist heavy equipment movers. The press was made by Hopkins & Cope in Finsbury, London and measures approx. 1m x 1.5m. It is approx. 1.65m tall with the platen down.

Posted March 7, 2019 // AEPM

Alphabet magic: Gudrun & Hermann Zapf and the world they designed

An exhibition and symposium at the Grolier Club New York February 20 – April 27, 2019 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of both Hermann Zapf and Gudrun Zapf von Hesse. Hermann Zapf’s contribution to type design and calligraphy is immeasurable. His typographic work alone has greatly expanded the language of letterforms through

Posted February 24, 2019 // AEPM

Identification of a 2-rod torsion iron handpress

Can anyone help…? Jens Jørgen Hansen, a member of the AEPM, is trying to identify a recently acquired 2-rod torsion iron handpress. This is the press. Many of the details are similar to those of Dingler presses but I have not yet been able to find an exact match – and many other details would

Posted February 18, 2019 // AEPM

International Senefelder Foundation prize 2020

Call for candidates Closing date: 1st October 2019 Since 1975, the Senefelder Prize has been awarded in honour of Alois Senefelder, the inventor of lithography. It is one of the most coveted awards for artistic printmaking. For the year 2020 the International Senefelder Foundation (ISS), with the support of the Federal Association of Visual Artists

23-25 May 2019 // AEPM

AEPM 2019: outline conference programme now online

Transmitting intangible heritage. Passing on printing techniques to future generations 23-25 May 2019 Nationaal Museum van de Speelkaart Turnhout, Belgium The provisional programme of the next AEPM annual conference is now on-line at: Full details of the speakers and subjects will be posted shortly after the closure of the call for papers on the

17-21 June 2019 // Klimis Mastoridis

7th International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication

Challenging design paths Main Conference, 19–21 June 2019 Workshops, 17–18 June 2019 The 7th ICTVC will take place from 19 to 21 June 2019 in Patras, Greece. The conference will be organised by the Institute for the Study of Typography & Visual Communication in collaboration with the Library & Information Centre of the University of

Posted February 9, 2019 // AEPM

Technologies of print in South and Southeast Asia

A conference on South and Southeast Asian printing history will be held at the Royal Asiatic Society, London, on Tuesday 26 March 2019. Technologies of print in South and Southeast Asia Histories of print in South and Southeast Asia often touch on production technologies in broad, cursory ways that conform to predetermined ideas about their

10 - 11 October 2019 // AEPM

Call for papers: Post-war printing

10 – 11 October 2019, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, United Kingdom A two-day international conference organised by the Centre for Printing History & Culture, in conjunction with the Printing Historical Society and the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. This interdisciplinary conference will be of interest to practitioners, independent researchers, established scholars and postgraduates working

Posted February 6, 2019 // AEPM

A quick practical guide to manual and photomechanical printing processes

Relief or planographic? Line engraving or drypoint? Lithography, but which: chalk or crayon? Three or four colour halftone? Or is it simply laser or inkjet printed? Identifying image reproduction and printing processes can be difficult, especially if you are looking at documents printed in the nineteenth century or later. And if the identification of historical,

Posted February 2, 2019 // AEPM

Deutsches Technikmuseum reopens its printing section after refurbishment

On the 25 January the Writing and Print Technology section  of the Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Museum of Technology) reopened after a year of refurbishment work. Exhibits include a hand typesetting workshop, an 1835 Stanhope press from a Berlin book printing firm, a Columbian Press (Edinburgh 1835), a Hamm cylinder press built in Frankenthal in 1895,