Long live the Black Arts / One year course typesetting 2024-2025


Would you like to learn more about letterpress during one year? Do you want to learn to set type and to print on a proofing press? Sign up for our one-year course ‘Typesetting’. This course is part of the three-year project ‘Long live the Black Arts’ that was developed by Drukwerkplaats Atelier t in close collaboration with the Museum of Industry in Ghent, Cultural Centre De Borre and the Arts and media Academy of Genk.

Click on the link for detailed information: https://ateliert.be/lang-leve-de-zwarte-kunst/

Teachers: Niels Goovaerts (Atelier t), Thomas Gravemaker (LetterpressAmsterdam), Armina Ghazaryan (Industrie Museum)

Languages spoken: Dutch, French, English and German