Posted February 8, 2020 // Aepm Secretary

For sale: manual type caster

For sale: manual type casting apparatus This item has found a new home Complete and in working order. Contact

Posted February 5, 2020 // Aepm Secretary

Seeking new home for Victory-Kidder guillotine

Contact Rowena Wells Heritage Screenprint Wales

Posted December 3, 2019 // Aepm Secretary

Columbian press for sale

Columbian presse n° 1616 for sale Location: India Contact:

Posted October 18, 2019 // Typa

AHZ pre-press camera

Help wanted TYPA (formerly Estonian Print and Paper Museum) is looking for a spare part for their AHZ prepress camera. Originally manufactured by the VEB Reprografiks Company in Leipzig, the exact date is unknown, but around the 1970s is a guess. The only part missing is the vacuum bed/ door. We are looking for further

Posted June 17, 2019 // Aepm Secretary

Intertype linecaster for free, Heidelberg Windmill and some letters for sale

The Oberreuter printing plant in Zeulenroda-Triebes (Germany, Saxony, approx. 130 km from Leipzig) is dissolving its more than 100-year-old typesetting plant. Intertype to give away (yes, it’s free of charge!) The Intertype typesetting machine has not run for about 5 years, but according to the owner it is in first class condition. It is complete

Posted May 28, 2019 // Aepm Secretary

Voirin press (Belgium)

Voirin printing press in good condition Format 105 cm. Contact This press has been sold.

Posted April 23, 2019 // Aepm Secretary

Victoria Heidenau + Intertype

A Victoria Heidenau and an Intertype are on offer, free to a good home. Transport to be taken care of by the acquirer(s). Location Zomergem, Belgium. If interested contact Tel. 09 372 73 72

Posted March 14, 2019 // Aepm Secretary

Standing press/edition press for bookbinding

A large standing press/edition press for bookbinding is on offer free to a good home if collection is arranged and paid for. Removal would require specialist heavy equipment movers. The press was made by Hopkins & Cope in Finsbury, London and measures approx. 1m x 1.5m. It is approx. 1.65m tall with the platen down.

Posted January 7, 2019 // Aepm Secretary

Piqueuses motorisées

[Grenoble, France] Deux piqueuses motorisées L’association ULISSE Grenoble Solidarité donne du vieux matériel d’imprimerie en provenance de leur Atelier de façonnage situé dans les anciennes usines Cemoi de Grenoble. Piqueuse LEIB RAPIDEX 476, type 476, agrafage à cheval, couleur verte, moteur 380v triphasé, fonctionnel Piqueuse LEIB-RAPIDEX, type B , agrafage à plat, couleur gris foncé,

Posted November 28, 2018 // Aepm Secretary

Paper cutter

For sale: paper cutter made by F. Deneyer, Bruxelles, fournitures pour relieurs et doreurs. Contact:

Posted October 30, 2018 // Aepm Secretary

For sale: Heidelberg platen

Heidelberg platen for sale Contact: Teddy Odor ESAT Gustave Eiffel Z.A. des Gaudines 10, rue Gustave Eiffel 78570 Andrésy Tel : 06 73 43 38 46

Posted October 29, 2018 // Aepm Secretary

Researcher seeks Mincel and Bouchery & Mincel keyboards

Desperately seeking keyboards! Do you have any of the keyboards shown below in your collections? They were built in France between 1964 et 1971 by Mincel (later Bouchery&Mincel) in runs of several hundred each and were used for both hot-metal and cold composition. GC64R keyboard for Linotype and Intertype linecasters. Early GC64 S1, S2, S2B

Posted September 20, 2018 // Aepm Secretary

Uytterelst cylinder press + Heidelberg windmill

Uytterelst cylinder press + Heidelberg windmill looking for a good home. For more information please contact:      

Posted September 16, 2018 // Aepm Secretary

Lithographic hand press + standing press

A lithographic hand press and a standing press are looking for a good home. Location: Ghent, Belgium. Contact: Phillipe Leybaert 0032 (0)475 71 61 57

Posted March 4, 2018 // Aepm Secretary

Measuring instruments for printers

Two instruments used in the printing industry in the 1960s – 70s Free to a printing museum interested in preserving the tools of the twentieth century printing trade: 1. Evans Elektoselenium Photometer serial number 18 1582 H106. 2. NV Tools Statitector Model A3. For more details please contact Stephen James.  

Posted February 16, 2018 // Aepm Secretary

Phoenix vertical platen press

For sale: Phoenix vertical platen press Award-winning model at the 1900 Universal Exposition. No motor, slight restoration. Weight 700 kg approx.. To be uplifted from Atelier litho Hurstel in Hohfrankenheim (France). Price: 200 €

Posted November 25, 2017 // Aepm Secretary

For sale: Stanhope press

Stanhope press For sale: Stanhope press, probably French made (the press does not bear a manufacturer’s nameplate or number). For more details contact manboe@orange. Offers.    

Posted August 6, 2017 // Aepm Secretary

Mansfield guillotine

[Valladolid, Spain] Mansfield guillotine for sale A Spanish company involved in the graphic arts is seeking to sell an old Mansfield paper cutter which adorned its sales office for thirty years. It might be of interest to a printing, paper, industrial or local museum. Built in Leipzig-Reudnitz, it is completely operational and in good shape.  

Posted July 21, 2017 // Aepm Secretary

Spanish-built vertical platen press

[For sale] Vertical platen built by Richard Gans Maquinaria para las Artes Graficas (Madrid and Barcelona)  The machine has been restored by its owner and is ready for use. It has not been used since its renovation. It is painted with two types of graphite paint: matte and gloss. Technical data: print format 175 x

Posted July 18, 2017 // Aepm Secretary

Stone lithography machine

[Basel, Switzerland] This machine has now been placed Fully working stone lithography machine A working printshop in Basel (Switzerland) in need of space is offering a fully working stone lithography machine. The machine is free, but the transport has to be covered by the new owner. The machine can be viewed in its current location