For sale: ornemental window in honour of four great names of printing

Being a huge fan of vintage, design and curiosa I visit a lot of auctions and markets in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. During one of my auction visits in I came across a truly unique item. The first time I saw it, I was blown away and was really keen on buying it. So I did. And I love it. Everytime I walk into the house and I see it standing there I’m amazed about the beauty of it. But… at the same time a voice inside my head says: this is a one of a kind item, with a probably a beautiful history and it deserves an audience. Or at least a ‘home’ where people who appreciate the history and the uniqueness of it even more than I do. And that’s why I’m trying to find a museum or institute which is specialised in the history of print which would really like to add this beautiful window to their collection.


This beautiful and truly unique window is a tribute to four of the most important men in the history of printing and photography. Between them Coster, Senefelder, Meisenbach and Daguerre are good for at least a dozen original ideas. If I’m correct Daguerre is considered the inventor of photography, Senefelder invented lithography, Meisenbach invented autotyping and Coster was at one time alleged to have invented book printing in general. These four giants are honored with this unique window. I did a lot of research on it, but I was not able to find anything about it. Most likely this beautiful item was part of the storefront of a bookshop, a museum, a library or a printing company.  The window is made of thick ‘milkglass’ and finished with gold(paint). It lndmeasures 147 by 107 centimeters. It’s built into a wooden frame so it can be hung as a piece of art.  To me the item is a museum piece and I really hope that some of you think the same. If so I’m more then willing to sell the item. It needs an audience.

If you’re interested or want to know more about the item (better pictures for example) feel free to contact me at or by telephone at +31630002917. I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Really hope hearing from you. Thanks for your attention.

Regards, Erwin de Zwart