Typeface directory project – crowdfunding for diversity of fonts

Typorama houses and uses nearly 3,000 different sets of types for hand typesetting and Linotype, Monotype, Typograph and Ludlow composition. In order to be able to use this ever-growing variety of typefaces, the first volume of the Typorama typeface directory was completed in 2008. Each entry in the directory showed a sample word and a sentence composed in the type.

For the second volume of the typeface directory all fonts have been prepared, composed and printed over a ten year period in order to give a complete overview of the collection as it has accumulated over the decades. And because fonts vary in their completeness, all the characters available in each typeface have been included. Showings also include decorative elements and sample settings. This huge project has been carried out by retired experts in hand typesetting and letterpress printing working as volunteers for the Förderverein Typorama.

Every day, the typeface-directory continues to grow as our everyday business carries on, for Typorama is not only a museum. It is also a working typesetting and letterpress printing plant.

We ask you to support our crowdfunding project because all the costs of the typeface directory have not yet been covered. You can make a donation up until the 31st of August and choose your personal letterpress thank-you gift: www.startnext.com/typorama-schriftenreigen

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