Latin American Network of Graphic Culture – RED-CG

Latin American Network of Graphic Culture – RED-CG is an initiative that seeks to strengthen the contact between institutions and professionals that are dedicated to the broad spectrum of topics, discourses and actions constituted around the history of the book and the preservation of the Latin American Graphic Heritage, either through the development of research and teaching programs, or through various actions registered in the field of graphic culture in Latin America.

Accepting all the diversity of the statements that translate, in a natural way, the national nuances and the different historical moments of construction in the fields of knowledge established within that broad spectrum — history of the book, history of reading, written culture, print culture, graphic culture, graphic heritage, bibliographic heritage, material bibliography and others — the RED-CG intends to collaborate in the consolidation of a Latin American communicational space, which fosters reflections on the historical, social and cultural specificities of the Latin American region.

The RED-CG started his tasks in June of 2017, this group which already has the presence of people from ten Latin American countries and more than 100 members from origins that exceed the region, intends initially to consolidate and expand this dialogue through the creation of a virtual communication space (in the form of a discussion group) and the collaboration of its members, whose mission is to expand the communication network by integrating new participants and sharing information relevant to the topics of interest to the group.

In addition to creating a space for communication and offering support to its members in the realization of events in the field of graphic culture, RED-CG also develops

  • mapping of institutions, research groups and professionals involved with the world of books, publishing and preservation of graphic heritage;
  • survey of production, spaces and preservation of typography in Latin America;
  • seeks to disseminate historical sources capable of collaborating with the consolidation of a Latin American space for the study of books and publishing; and,
  • carry out a Latin American bibliography on graphic heritage, printed culture, book history and publishing.

The languages used for communication are Spanish and Portuguese.

Those interested in joining the network can write to:
More information at:

Marina Garone Gravier and Ana Utsch, coordinators