[Mainz, Germany]

A new building for the Gutenberg Museum: it’s all about the future

The position of the AEPM

The new building extension planned by the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz is seriously threatened.

The need to enlarge the museum and further develop the presentation of its treasures is applauded by, among others, specialists in the field of printing heritage who are grateful to the Gutenberg Museum’s director, Annette Ludwig, for vigorously pursuing the realisation of the new extension, the so-called ‘tower of the bible‘ (Bibelturm).

A protest group is currently trying to collect support with a view to stopping the project. They argue that several trees will have to be cut down and that it will no longer be possible to hold the ‘Breakfast on the marketplace’ event.

The Association of European Printing Museums feels that, on balance, the arguments in favour of this important new extension outweigh the possible disadvantages and supports the realisation of the new building.