A virtual visite to the AMI – on paper!

Just out! The catalogue of the Atelier-musée de l’imprimerie de Malesherbes

Catalogue? Album? Celebration? It’s hard to decide what to call this superb publication because it’s all three at the same time. It’s a celebration because it has been published to coincide with the anniversary of the impressive printing museum created by Chantal and Jean-Paul Maury and which opened its doors in Malesherbes (France) exactly two years ago. It can also be thought of as an album given the quality of the photographs of the exhibition spaces and the objects on display: many of them intimate portraits of star items from the Museum’s collection guaranteed to please lovers of printing and graphic communication. And, of course, it is the Museum’s catalogue—a catalogue that may surprise by its magazine format—but then what could be more normal given Maury Imprimeur’s position as one of the main printers of the French periodical press. The catalogue is extremely attractive and has been designed to be appreciated by neophytes and specialists alike. An indispensible tool for teachers and anyone else preparing a group visit to the AMI’s 5,000 m2 permanent collection.

Not to be missed!

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Atelier-musée de l’imprimerie
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