Looking for a replica of an old wooden hand press?

[Grębocin, Poland]

Replica wooden hand presses from the Museum of Writing and Printing

The Museum of Writing and Printing was established in 2004 in the small village of Grębocin, eight kilometres from Toruń in Poland. It houses a private collection of papermaking and printing materials presented in the form of interactive educational workshops for children and adults, the whole set in the charming backdrop of a thirteenth-century church.

The Museum, which has a collection of old hand printing presses has diversified its activities and is now producing replicas of old wooden hand presses. Four of its presses are now owned by museums in Poland (Pelplin and Toruń) and Spain (Madrid). Two models are available with the following specifications.

Model n° 1


H: 185 cm
D: 158 cm
W: 111 cm

Platen: 40 x 35 cm

Available in two versions with either a wooden or a metal thread.

Price: 4,000 euros

Model n° 2

H: 89 cm (+ 3 cm)
D: 103 cm
W: 57 cm

Platen: 34 x 38 cm

Price: 3,000 euros

Transport costs are not included. The Museum can organise transport if required.

Presses are available from stock.


Dariusz Subocz

Education department
Muzeum Piśmiennictwa i Drukarstwa w Grębocinie
87-122 Grębocin, ul. Szkolna 31,

Tel. 566 749 200
NIP: 5840008354