For sale

Linotype Hell Klischograph K 181, in full working order
Price: 150 euros
Location: Leipzig, Germany

Built around the early 70s. Originally delivered to the Muthesius Hochschule in Kiel. I found it in a small printing workshop in northern Germany a few years ago.
My idea was to create experimental printing plates for letterpress printing. After several attempts I have to accept that I lack the time to familiarize myself with the complex technology and now I need the space for other things. But I can’t bring myself to scrap such a fine piece of technological history. So I would like to see it go to a good home.

Included is the very detailed manual and various spare parts and accessories.

Weight: approx 1.100kg: Klischograph, cabinet, approx 250kg.
Help for loading is not a problem.
If you have any questions I will be happy to reply.



The Klischograph is an electronically controlled engraving machine used for the production of print-ready cliches. The original image is run in horizontally under an optical head and is scanned photoelectrically by a photocell. The brighter the image zone being scanned, the stronger is the resulting current and the deeper the graver penetrates into the material to be engraved. Thus, the entire document is scanned line by line. The engraving tool – a three-edged pointed graver – cuts into the smooth surface of the material – for example, a zinc plate – over a larger or smaller area. The larger the cut-out surfaces, the brighter will be the printed tonal value. The cut chips are sucked away as the plate is cut. The setting and operation of the device is relatively simple and the actual engraving process is automatic. The machine operator needs a good knowledge of reproduction techniques however to evaluate the result. (Wikipedia)

More pictures and video clip here: Klischograph