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An important message from the president of SHARP

News   February 2017   AEPM asbl

From the President of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP)   Dear colleagues, In light of the recent Executive Order signed by the US President resulting in an immigration ban that restricts the flow of scholarly communication and participation, the SHARP Board and Executive Committee have agreed to release the following […]

Leipzig Typotage 2017

News   12-14 May 2017   AEPM asbl

The Leipzig Typotage This year the 23rd edition of the Leipzig Typotage will take place on May 13. The one-day conference in the Leipzig printing museum will be devoted to the subject of ‘Writing and knowledge’. Seven speakers have been invited to approach the conference theme from different angles. The speakers include: Tobias-David Albert (Leipzig), Marcel Henry (Basel), Lisa Neuhalfen […]

Steendrukmuseum acquires ‘Album chromolithographic’ by Engelmann

News   January 2017   

Steendrukmuseum acquires one of the founding documents of chromolithography We are proud to annouce the addition of a very interesting and exciting supplement to the museum collection. It’s the ‘Album chromolithographique par Engelmann’ from 1837. The pictures show the album and a proud museum founder / curator Peter-Louis Vrijdag with the former owner of the album, Herwig […]

Aepm 2017 call for papers: Making history

News   11-13 May 2017   AEPM asbl

Aepm annual conference 2017 Call for papers The next annual conference of the AEPM will take place 11-13 May 2017 and is being hosted by The Museum of Typography, Chania, Crete (Greece). The theme of the conference is: Making history: collections, collectors and the cultural role of printing museums The conference will look at the ways in […]

Extracting and dressing litho stones by hand in Solnhofen

News   January 2017   AEPM asbl

Manual extraction and dressing of litho stones During the recent AEPM annual conference at the Dutch Lithography Museum last November, the lithographic artist Li Portenlänger stopped the show with an extraordinary film showing the manual extraction and finishing of stones at the famous Solnhofen quarries in Germany where the finest litho stone has been quarried since Aloys Senefelder first […]

Printing heritage at the National Museum of Scotland

News   January 2017   AEPM asbl

(Photo: Graham van der Wielen, Wikimedia.) The National Museum of Scotland Guest post by J. P. Wegner, reproduced with the author’s permission from The Shadowland newsletter, n° 69, December 2016. The Shadowland newslatter is archived by Pandora, Australia’s web archive. The National Museum of Scotland is a large, modern but general museum. Like most general museums, the […]

Save the date! Aepm annual conference 2017

News   11 - 13 May 2017   AEPM asbl

New Spring date for the Aepm annual conference   As of 2017, the Aepm annual conference will be held in the Spring rather than in the Autumn, as was the case up until now. The change will allow the annual general meeting of the Association – which is held back-to-back with the annual conference – […]

Lyon Book History Workshop

News   26-29 June 2017   AEPM asbl

Registration is now open for the 2017 Lyon Book History Workshop   26-29 June 2017 Lyon, France The Lyon Book History Workshop’s main purpose is to improve skills in the interpretation and understanding of specific fields relating to our written and printed heritage. Each course is taught by a leading international expert in the field […]

René Carcan international prize for print making

News   October 2016   AEPM asbl

3rd edition – call for entries The not-for-profit association « Espace René Carcan » as organizer of the René Carcan international prize for printmaking, has launched its 3rd call for entries, open to printmakers and students of printmaking, of any nationality and with no age limit. Established in 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of the death […]

AEPM at the Jikji Festival in South Korea

News   31 August - 5 September 2016   AEPM asbl

The AEPM at the Jikji International Festival: an unforgettable experience! Thirty members of the AEPM made the trip to South Korea to take part in the inaugural meeting of the future International Association of Printing Museums which was held in Cheongju City on the 3 September 2016. The following account, by Sheza Moledina (Lyon, France), gives the flavour […]