The British Virtual Museum of Printing (VMoP) is now online

The Virtual Museum of Printing (VMoP) now has an online presence.

The Virtual Museum of Printing (VMoP) is an online museum collective organised under the aegis of the Printing Historical Society and the National Printing Heritage Committee (NPHC). Its aim is to bring together the printing-historical resources of the British Isles in a single website. As such it offers a platform where printing historians, practitioners, curators, and other heritage professionals can contribute data, images, video, and narrative relating to their collections, in order to foster connections and networking, facilitate knowledge exchange and create training opportunities. Most importantly, museum visitors will be able to engage with many collections related to printing, including some which are wholly or partly inaccessible physically.

The VMoP is still very much work in progress, but several printing collections have already signed up as contributors and more are in the pipeline. A first ‘case study’ is already online: the The Winterbourne Press in Birmingham.

The site will also include a blog aimed at a non-specialist audience. If you are interested in contributing to the blog the secretary of the Printing Historical Society will be happy to put you in touch with the blog editor and and send you a content guidelines document.

Or if you are interested in giving your collections a new online presence, click here: