The AEPM 2021 conference is now on the Klingspor Museum’s YouTube channel

If you missed the AEPM’s 2021 annual conference, you can now catch up on all or part of it on the Klingspor Museum’s YouTube channel.

A quick reminder of the speakers and topics that were dealt with during the conference:

Joseph Belletante, curator of the Museum of printing and graphic communication, Lyon, France
— Ne pas plier / Posters and graphic design. Printed matters by Grapus

Françoise and Johannes Despalles-Strugalla, Despalles éditions, Paris (France) and Mainz (Germany)
— L’art et le message. La culture d’impression

Rainer Gerstenberg
— One of the last trained type casters talks about his type foundry and shows his work

Dr Eva Hanebutt-Benz, former director of the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, Germany
— The Rhine-Main-Area: A known printer’s ground along its rivers

Phillip Hennevogel and Eckhard Gehrmann
— The lithographic press at the Haus der Stadtgeschichte

Martyn Kramek, Book Art Museum, Łódź, Poland
— Typecasting and book art in Łódź

Walter Raffaelli, Raffaelli editore, Rimini, Italy assisted by Anton Würth
— Offenbach – printing, editing lyric and literature

Uta Schneider and Ulrike Stoltz
— Printing studio of <usus>

Stefan Soltek, director of the Klingspor Museum, Offenbach, Germany
— Presentation of Jean Miró’s Makemono (1955). A rare scroll printed in lithography and woodcut

Christina Wildgrube, visual artist, printer, Leipzig, Germany
— Making type a picture