A glimpse of the Offizin Haag-Drugulin letterpress workshop

The Offizin Haag-Drugulin is a long time member of the AEPM. It is not a museum as such. Rather a traditional letterpress company in Dresden, Germany doing both typesetting and printing with the particularity that is has one of the world’s largest collections of monotype matrices. Although it is not a museum it works on a daily basis with machines and techniques you would usually expect to find in us such places and encourages people interested in traditional letterpress techniques to visit (and maybe also see the workshop and its machines in production). The Offizin Haag-Drugulin also possesses many rare and special fonts which you won’t find anywhere else (Bessemer-Caps for example).

It is living proof that lead is not dead and can be found outside museums!

Check out their Facebook page Schatzhaus der Schriften – OHD Dresden (House of font-treasures – Offizin Haag-Drugulin Dresden).

And just to give you a foretaste… (click on photos to see them full size).

Offizin Haag-Drugulin
Großenhainer Str. 11A
DE-01097 Dresden
Tel. +49 341 8085222

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