Litografiska Museet’s summer exhibition

[Huddinge, Sweden].

Hidden and forgotten (again)

During the summer the Litografiska Museet in Huddinge, half an hour south of Stockholm, is showing a selection of the museum’s extensive collections. You can look at everything from letterheads to postcards and matchbox labels. The first Hidden and Forgotten exhibition was organised in 2012 and now it’s back with some old favorites and some exciting new stuff.

There are also demonstrations of lithography in the Museum’s workshop and the staff will be only too happy to tell you about the history of lithography.

A warm welcome to all!

The exhibition runs from 12 June to 7 August.

Litografiska Museet
Sundby gårdsväg 6
141 91 Huddinge

Tel: +46(0)8-746 90 91