Inauguration of a working printing museum in Sibiu, Romania

The first working printing museum in Sibiu

The Petrescu Press in the city of Sibiu in Romania recently opened its new cultural space Gutenberg in the Digital Age which includes a Working Printing Museum whose aim is to showcase the machines, skills and techniques of traditional letterpress printing. The Working Printing Museum operates as a non-profit organisation, offering creative art letterpress workshops for children, students, adults, people from disadvantaged groups.

The project started nine years ago when the Petrescu Press run by Delia and Tudor Petrescu, two architects who had fallen in love with typography, started producing wood type using a computer-controlled router which replaced the traditional methods of cutting the type by hand or using a pantograph. Today they export their wood type and custom orders to an international clientele of designers, typographers, printers and book artists. 

The new letterpress activity of Petrescu Press, in conjunction with the manufacture of wood type and handmade paper, is intended to preserve and enrich the traditional printing craft for future generations in today’s digital age. It is equipped with several printing presses and a wide variety of metal and wood type.

Workshop address

Ocnei Street, n° 5A
550188, downward Bridge of Lies, Sibiu, Romania

Contact address

Str. Konrad Haas, n° 7
550177, Sibiu, Romania
tel. 0762 197 198

The Working Printing Museum is run by Delia & Tudor Petrescu in association with Wood Type Customs

To know more check out their blog.