Identification of a 2-rod torsion iron handpress

Can anyone help…?

Jens Jørgen Hansen, a member of the AEPM, is trying to identify a recently acquired 2-rod torsion iron handpress.

This is the press.

Many of the details are similar to those of Dingler presses but I have not yet been able to find an exact match – and many other details would suggest presses other than Dingler. After a massive search through Google and all the books I have managed to find, I have only found 2-rod torsion presses manufactured by Karl Krause and J. W. Alfs in Leipzig. The only 2-rod torsion from Dingler I have found, is the one at the Officina Bodoni in Verona – but it’s very different from my press.

I do hope that some of the members of the AEPM will be able to help and point me in the right direction.

The size of the platen is 76 x 56 cm and the press bears the plate of Alexander Waldow in Leipzig.

Thanks in advance & Gott grüß die Kunst;

Jens Jørgen Hansen, bogtrykker
Holsted, Denmark