Drafts of history: the world in newspapers on a single day

Call for participation from Contextual Alternate

An initiative to create a publicly sourced archive of a single day, as seen through newspapers across the world

10 March 1888/2020

Join us in creating a publicly sourced archive of a single day, articulated and comprehended through newspapers from all around the world. Calling all readers, designers, print-aficionados, or anyone interested, to take part in our project ‘Drafts of history’, exploring the contested domains of news, ephemeral artefacts, circulation networks, publics, and archives.

Be our international correspondent: sign up to send us a physical copy of your local newspapers dated 10 March 2020, and be part of a major exhibition of newspapers from around the world that will be held in London in March 2021.

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Contextual Alternate is an independent initiative to archive, generate, and publish critical scholarship at the crossroads of communication, technology, and history.