Designing type revivals

With Riccardo Olocco and Michele Patanè

Talk: online and in-person
Thursday 30 March 2023
7–8.30 pm BST

St Bride Foundation

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What do we need to design a type revival? Looking beyond the limits of a definition, Riccardo and Michele – both experienced designers and educators – will provide reflections to understand what a revival is, how to analyse a historical model and how to approach the design from a contemporary perspective.

They will show insights on a method to support the work of both designers and scholars, and offer a modus operandi which can be applied to any type design project. The outcome of their practical research has culminated in their book ‘Designing Type Revivals’, which published in 2022.

Riccardo Olocco is a researcher, type designer and educator. He is a visiting research fellow at the University of Reading, where in 2019 he completed his PhD on ‘A new method of analysing printed type: the case of 15th-century Venetian romans’. He is co-founder of CAST foundry, and is also a member of the Nebiolo History Project. He publishes articles and gives lectures across Europe and Asia.

Michele Patanè is a type designer, researcher and educator who lives in London, where from 2012 to 2019, he worked at Dalton Maag studio. He studied at the Faculty of Design at Politecnico di Milano, and in 2012 received his Masters in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. Since 2015, he has been a visiting lecturer at Reading and at ECAL.

St Bride Foundation
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