Day of printing 2020 – update

[A word from the organisers…]


Dear colleagues and others interested in taking part in the Day of printing 2020,

The new project website for the Day of printing 2020 is now online here and with it the registration form. Around 30 events have already been registered in the first two days!

The old inactive registration form for 2019 unfortunately still appears if you google ‘Tag der Druckkunst’ + ‘registration form’. So please be sure to use only the registration form on the new project website (above) or the link on our BBK page (Anmeldeformular) to register.

All those who have already registered will receive a confirmation email with the logos for the Day of printing 2020 very soon.

We are working hard on the preparation of the communication materials.

Above all, we are now looking forward to a large number of events registering!