Closure of the International Exlibris Center

The activities of the International Exlibris Center have been discontinued since November 2019

On the retirement of the collections manager of the International Exlibris Center in November 2019, the City of Sint-Niklaas in Belgium has decided not to renew the appointment. As a result, the museum activity of the International Exlibris Center has been discontinued. The collection will continue to be preserved by the Sint-Niklaas municipal museum (SteM) in the space which it previously occupied and in the best possible conditions of conservation until a new location can be found for it.

All further acquisitions (purchases, donations, deposits, etc.) have been discontinued as have related magazine subscriptions. Also it will no longer be possible to reply to queries concerning the collection. Institutions such as museums, cultural centers, etc., can still borrow items from the collection, as with the Museum’s other collections.  Though the SteM will continue to draw on the collection for its own productions it will no longer organize exhibitions for third parties. Likewise, the biennial international competition is no longer organized by the SteM.

Researchers with a clearly defined scientific assignment can consult the collection and its related documentation under the supervision of the general collections manager.

The SteM has set up the following collaboration with its museum partner Graphia:

  • The SteM will continue to host board meetings and the annual Graphia Exchange Day.
  • Graphia will be organizing two exhibitions on exlibris in the Gerard Gaudaenzaal in 2020 (though this programme has doubtless been affected by the Covid outbreak). The production of the exhibitions is in the hands of Graphia with the museum providing space, maintenance and logistical support, communication and openings.

More about the SteM on the Museum’s website.