[Campos do Jordão, Brazil]

International exhibition: XiloPrint 2019 Brazil

The Xylography Museum / Museu Casa da Xilogravura is looking for woodcut and wood engraving prints from all over the world.

The  Xylography Museum / Museu Casa da Xilogravura invites all the engravers of the world who do not live in Brazil to take part in the International exhibition XiloPrint 2019 Brazil, by sending, for free, one woodcut or wood engraved print (without frame; free measures), by 31 November 2018 to the following address:

Museu Casa da Xilogravura
Caixa postal 42
12460-000 Campos do Jordão – SP

One artist will be selected to receive the XyloPrint 2019 Brazil Prize, which carried an award equivalent to US$ 1,000 (one thousand USA dollars).

The Xylography Museum will issue a personal certificate of participation to everyone who send a print.

The prints will be exhibited at international exhibition, XiloPrint 2019 Brazil, which will be held in 2019 at the Museu Casa da Xilogravura/Xylography Museum, Campos do Jordão, Brazil.

If you wish to participate please provide the following information, on paper, in capital letters, with your signature, along with your woodcut/wood engraving print:

International Exhibition: XiloPrint  2019 Brazil

Title of the artwork
Year, number and dimensions (height x width) of the artwork
Artist’s full name
Artistic name
Brief Curriculum Vitae
State or Region
ZIP Code
Telephone number
e-mail address

Thank you, and good luck!

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The Xylography Museum / Museu Casa da Xilogravura is a member of the Association of Europen Printing Museums