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This event marks the publication of Letterpress Printing: past present future which explores the forms of contemporary letterpress in the context of the long history of printing. Letterpress Printing: past present future celebrates the tenacity of letterpress as a process which continues to thrive despite such challenges. It examines the continuing life of letterpress and applauds its revival through describing the circumstances in which it flourishes and the many ways it is now used. By setting this revival in the context of its ostensible decline, the book sets out the ways in which current practice draws upon and preserves the history of printing while taking it in new and unexpected directions.

Provisional programme

Introduction to the volume: James Mussell

Session 1

Catherine Dixon, Designers in the Composing Room: A Progressive Tale of Typographic Transgression; Angie Butler, A Tangible Space: Letterpress Printing within Artists’ Books and Small Publishing Practice; Patrick Goossens, Preserving Historically Correct Letterpress Printing in Theory and Practice; Alan Marshall, Between theory and practice: bringing letterpress and digital together in printing museums.


Session 2

Perdo Amado, Vitor Quelhas, Catarina Silva, Letterpress in Portugal: The Future of Design and its Engagement with Past Printing Techniques; Richard Keglar, P22 Blox: Space-Age Letterpress Modularity; Sydney Shep, Yah-Wen Ho, East Meets West: Merging Technology, Language, and Culture

Conclusion: Caroline Archer-Parré