AEPM 2023 annual conference programme

The programme of the AEPM annual conference 2023 is now online

The conference is being hosted this year by the Klingspor Museum and Haus der Stadtgeschichte (local history museum) in Offenbach am Main (Germany) on the theme Quo vadis? Printing discovering its future.

The conference will take place in Offenbach am Main  from 25 – 27 May.

Speakers will include: Dorothee Ader, director of the Klingspor Museum // Tania Arens, printmaker (Frankfurt) // Marit Brandsnes, Press Museum Fjeld-Ljom (Norway) // Hans Eckert, Senior-librarian of the University Library (Frankfurt) // Jürgen Eichenauer, director of the Haus der Stadtgeschichte (Offenbach local history museum) // Patrick Goossens, Letter-Kunde, Antwerp (Belgium) // Dominic Gussmann, Bernardbau print workshop (Offenbach) // Maarten Renkens (Belgium) // Heike Schnotal, Offizin Haag-Drugulin, Leipzig (Germany) // Katja Schneider, curator, Haus der Stadtgeschichte // Stefan Soltek, chair of the AEPM, Offenbach (Germany) // Rachel Stenner, senior lecturer in English Literature (1350-1660) at the Media School of Arts and Humanities, University of Sussex (United Kingdom).

See the full programe HERE.

Programme in English for the moment. French, German and Spanish versions to follow.