2022 Valencia World Design Capital Program visit

City of Mainz delegation visits Museo de la Imprenta y de las artes graficas de Valencia

On the – September, taking advantage of the scheduled activities in Valencia due to 2022 World Design Capital, our museum was visited by a German delegation headed by Michael Ebling, the Mayor of the City of Mainz and Dr. Ulf Sölter, the new Gutenberg Museum Director. They were accompanied by Ms. Corinna Heilmann, Director of the Valencia 2022 World Design Capital Program, Mr. Carles Padilla, Internationalisation Vice-rector of Valencia University, Ms. Luisa Salvador, Mayor of El Puig and our Museum Senator Director Mr. Enrique Fink.

We enjoyed a lively walk through the museum, and had the opportunity to show the distinguished visitors, the valuable contents of our rooms.

We commented also with Ms. Heilmann the future collaboration regarding the next Printing Day which will take place next October 29th in the Museum, and will be dedicated to Graphic Design as a part of 2022 Valencia World Design Capital.


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