There must be a good home somewhere for this Klischograph in full working order!

Because of lack of workshop space this Linotype-Hell Klischograph K181 will have to be scrapped if a new home can’t be found for it by June. It is loocated in Leipzig (Germany).

It was built around the early 70s and was originally delivered to the Muthesius Hochschule in Kiel. The current owner found it in a small printing workshop in northern Germany a few years ago. TheĀ idea was to create experimental printing plates for letterpress printing. Unfortunately the owner now needs the space for other things, but has great difficulty inĀ bringing himself to scrap such a fine piece of technological history.

Included is the very detailed manual and various spare parts and accessories.

Weight: approx 1.100kg: Klischograph, cabinet, approx 250kg.

Help for loading is not a problem.For more information contact: