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Alzamora Museum (Alzamora Group), Girona, Spain

News   May 2016   

Recently, a large delegation of Club Graficos Eméritos visited the excellent and spectacular printing museum established by the Alzamora Group at its facilities in Sant Joan les Fonts in Girona (Spain). The Alzamora Museum, designed and owned by Pere Alzamora i Carbonell, offers an educational journey through the history of printing, from the distant seventeenth century until […]

Bookbinding equipment for sale (Belgium)

News   May 2016   AEPM asbl

For more information contact : Vander Heyden & Fils Sprl Rue de Hamaide, 68 6890 Redu (in the Village du Livre, les “Hauts de Redu”) Belgium Tel. 061-65.60.17 Même machine sous un autre angle…

Annual Meeting of the Society of bibliophiles, Hamburg

News   26-30 May 2016   AEPM asbl

Invitation to the annual meeting of the Society of bibliophiles Hamburg, Germany, 26-30 May 2016 Programme of the 117th annual meeting of the oldest bibliophile society in Germany Registration is open until 9th May. Programme (in German).

The Printing Museum’s ambitious project (Wellington, New Zealand)

News   April 2016   AEPM asbl

The Printing Museum: thirty years young! A word from John Nixon, president of The Printing Museum, Wellington, New Zealand The Printing Museum (Wellington, New Zealand) began life over 30 years ago when a group of enthusiasts and professional printers began collecting items of historical and industrial interest. This was at a time when the era of letterpress, the […]

Summer School in hand-press printing, history and practice (Oxford, UK)

News   27 June - 1 July 2016   AEPM asbl

Printing history and practical printing at the Bodleian Library The Bodleian centre for the study of the book is offering a week-long course in printing history and practical printing, 27 June to 1 July, for researchers, librarians, and others who work with books from the hand-press period. Covering technical aspects of book production in the […]

A data base dedicated to historic printing presses

News   March 2016   AEPM asbl

Ex-Machina : a data base of printing presses The website of the Musée de l’imprimerie et de la communication graphique (Lyon, France) offers an extremely rich data base of historic printing presses from earliest times to the mid 20th century. Ex-Machina currently contains over 1200 types of press and can be searched by various crtieria such as printing process, manufacturer, country – either individually […]

A view of Australian and New Zealand printing museums

News   March 2016   AEPM asbl

Australian and New Zealand printing museums: the tasks ahead Guest post from Juergen Wegner, editor of The shadowland newsletter, Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia. First published in The shadowland newsletter, n° 60, February 2016. It is already too late and, in any case, I don’t think that our printing museums here will change quickly enough to […]

AEPM 2016 call for papers

News   February 2016   AEPM asbl

AEPM annual conference: call for papers The annual AEPM conference will be held at the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum (Dutch lithography Museum) in Valkenswaard (Netherlands) from 3-5 November 2016. It is being jointly organised with the IADM (Internationaler Arbeitskreis für Druck- und Mediengeschichte). The theme of the conference is: From stone to chip Lithography. Few people know […]

A printing museum in Madrid (Spain)

News   February 2016   

Museo didáctico de las artes gráficas in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) The Club de gráficos eméritos recently visited the Museo didáctico de las artes gráficas, founded by the entrepreneur Mr Ángel Gallego Esteban. Mr Ángel Gallego’s life is linked to the field of the graphic arts since his earliest youth. At the age of 14 […]

Summer Letterpress Course in Denmark

News   February 2016   

Only one place left for: ‘Slow Printing’, a summer letterpress course in Denmark A truly unique opportunity to spend five days typesetting and printing with a small group of participants in a rural setting in Denmark. July the 11th to 16th 2016 Thomas Gravemaker from LetterpressAmsterdam and Jens Jørgen Hansen, bogtrykker will run this Summer […]