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Exhibiting printing heritage

AEPM conference 2014
24-25 October 2014

Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, Germany

The next meeting of the Association of European printing museums (AEPM) will be hosted by the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz (Germany) on the 24-25th October 2014. The theme of the conference is “Exhibiting printing heritage”.

The aim of the conference, visits and numerous informal exhanges and discussions is to promote collaboration among a broad range of European museums, heritage workshops and collectors in the field of printing heritage.

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Why exhibit printing and graphic heritage materials?

Are they relevant in today’s media saturated world? And if so, how can they be exhibited and to what ends? Printing and graphic heritage covers an extremely wide range of materials concerning more than five centuries of craft and industrial activity: books, prints and other documents; type, woodblocks and other printing surfaces; presses and ancillary equipment of all sorts. Not to mention the innumerable type specimens, technical and commercial documents which help us to understand the economic and material conditions in which the various techniques were deployed. And as we come closer to the present day the typology extends to rather less orthodox objects such as computer programmes and digital fonts.

How can this mass of material be used to explain the origins and workings of the extremely rich and varied graphic world in which we all live today? How can museums use it to illustrate the myriad ways in which printed words and images have contributed to the history of ideas and the making of the societies in which we live? How can printing and graphic heritage materials be used to put into context the profound changes which are taking place today under the impact of digital technology?

The subjects to be explored during this conference include:
– making printing heritage relevant to the present day through exhibitions,
– what kinds of messages for what kinds of visitors?
– collecting with a view to exhibiting,
– documenting collections  for exhibition,
– case studies of recent make-overs of printing and graphic arts related museums and collections,
– aims and approches of recent projects involving the exhibition of printing, book and graphic heritage matérials
– the role of traditional printing skills in mediation,
– cooperation and exchanges between museums and printing heritage workshops.


Full conference programme


The conference is open to members of the AEPM and the IADM as well as to non members (with a supplement), with the exception of the annual general meeting which is only open to currently paid up members of the AEPM.

Registration fee:
80 euros per person (members)
110 euros per person (non-members)

(Annual membership of the AEPM is 50 euros. Join the AEPM.)

(Friday lunch and dinner are included in the registration fee)

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Rickey Tax, Meermanno Museum
Princessegracht 30
NL-2514 The Hague

More information concerning the Gutenberg Museum here.

More information on the City of Mainz here.