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Request for information about electric Küco casters

News   March 2015   AEPM asbl

Küco typecasting machines, Darmstadt, Germany At Darmstadt M. Rainer Gerstenberg is the last commercial typefounder working with Küco typecasting machines. I recently organised a meeting between him and the Imprimerie nationale so that Rainer could explain the technique of the Küco to one of their younger employees. The Imprimerie nationale has several Küco casters in […]

Lyon printing museum’s new look

News   February 2015   

Designing a new chapter in Lyon printing museum’s development Damien Gautier speaks to Étapes magazine about the new visual identity which his design studio Bureau 205 devised for Lyon’s Museum of printing and graphic communication: (article in French) Photo: Claude Labouz   Photo: Thomas Jaurès-Leblond, Bureau 205  

Monotype history at The Type Archive

News   23 February 2015   AEPM asbl

Second launch event for the History of the Monotype Corporation A second event to mark the recent publication of the History of the Monotype Corporation (Vanburgh Press) is being organised jointly by the Type Archive and The Printing Historical Society. Though principally intended for PHS members who missed the original launch event, some places are […]

Institut d’histoire du livre, Lyon, France

News   22-25 juin 2015   

Book History Workshop Lyon, 22-25 June 2015 Applications are open for the twelfth session of the Institut d’histoire du livre’s Book history workshop. Three courses are available: Neil Harris Paper and watermarks as bibliographical evidence (in English) François Vinourd Techniques et matériaux des reliures médiévales (in French) : new! Claudio Galleri avec Eléonore Litim Image […]

Research : Vincent Van Gogh

News   January 2015   

For the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum’s upcoming exhibition Vincent van Gogh as a Graphic Artist 9 May – 4 October 2015 At Nederlands Steendrukmuseum at Valkenswaard the phase of research has now fully started. Meanwhile our museum has invited an enthusiastic and well-established guest curator. This curator worked until recently at the Van Gogh Museum and is […]

Discover the Book art museum, Łódź, Poland

News   January 2015   AEPM asbl

Check out the Book art museum’s new video describing their origins and activities in Łódź, Poland. The Book art museum was recently awarded the American printing history association’s Institutional Award for 2015 for its outstanding contribution to the study, recording, preservation and dissemination of printing history in Poland over the last 35 years.

World War I in lithography at the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum

News   until 26 April 2015   

Exhibition: World War I in lithographs The Nederlands Steendrukmuseum (Dutch Museum of Lithography) is presenting an exhibition about World War I in lithographs until 26 April 2015. Never before was the poster so extensively used for war purposes as during World War I from 1914-1918. It developed in all the countries involved, to become the […]

Bodoni Museum – petition

News   January 2015   AEPM asbl

Petition in defense of the Palatine Library and National Gallery The recent reform  that led to the ‘downgrading’ of the Palatine Library and the National Gallery, with consequent loss of their respective heads, has provoked a strong response. A petition has been launched in defense of the Palatine Library and National Gallery, which in a […]

L’atelier La casse s’expose au Musée de l’imprimerie de Nantes

News   22 janvier 2015   AEPM asbl

LCT Sbire : un caractère pour animer les textes de labeur Exposition du 19 au 28 janvier 2015 de 10 h à 12 h et de 14 h à 17 h 30 D’où naissent les lettres que nous utilisons tous les jours sur nos papiers ? À l’occasion de la sortie de son nouveau caractère, […]