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IADM International working group on print and media history

News   12-14 November 2015   AEPM asbl

Reminder The annual conference of the International working group on print and media history (IADM) will take place in Mossbach and Heidelberg (Germany) from the 12-14th November next. The twin themes of the conference are: From old boxes to full bottles: packaging printing, and Museum projects of today and IADM prospects for tomorrow Full details (in […]

Souvenirs, souvenirs…

News   2-3 October 2015   AEPM asbl

The AEPM at the Tipoteca italiana The 2015 edition of the AEPM’s annual meeting brought together 60 speakers and delegates from twelve countries and three continents to talk about the pertinence of typographical collections for today’s designers. Museum professionals, historians, designers, collectors and practising letterpress printers enjoyed two days of talks, visits and intensive discussions […]

Is this 1843 press of English origin?

News   September 2015   

Can you help us identify this press? Through a donation from the Dutch National Topographic Services the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum came in 2008 alongside a large batch of litho stones with topographic maps also in the possession of a remarkable looking press. On the press we see the year of 1843 and the city name Delft. […]

International symposium, Gravelines, France, 30-31 October 2015

News   September 2015   AEPM asbl

International symposium On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and France, a symposium is being organised in Gravelines (France), the 30 – 31 October 2015, on the theme Printing in the West and in the East The speakers will be: Paul Ripoche, director of Gravelines Museum (France) […]

AEPM 2015: full conference programme

News   2-3 October 2015   AEPM asbl

The relevance of typographical collections for today’s designers The next AEPM conference will take place on the 2-3 October 2015 and will be hosted by the Tipoteca italiana (Cornuda, Italy). It will look at the many ways in which typographical collections can be used by graphic designers and all those interested in the development of […]

Computer-controlled casting on the Monotype composition caster

News   August 2015   

July 2015: a new version of the rpi2caster has been assembled at the Enkidu-Pers in Holland, in close cooperation with the young computer-genius Krzysztof Słychań of the BookArt Museum in Lodz, Poland. This interface uses four Italian-made matrix-valves, a RaspberryPi mini-computer with a specially designed board mounted on it. The whole is mounted in a […]

St Bride printing library – further restrictions

News   July 2015   AEPM asbl

Disturbing news from the St Bride Printing Library (London) The St Bride Foundation has just announced that it is no longer able to keep the printing workshop and library open in their current format because of funding constraints. The result of this is that the staff working in those departments have been made redundant. The […]

AEPM 2015 conference announcement

News   2-3 October 2015   AEPM asbl

The next AEPM conference will be on the theme of The relevance of typographical collections for today’s designers   dates: 2-3 October 2015 place: the fabulous Tipoteca italiana (Cornuda, Italy). The theme of the conference Who cares about about outmoded letterpress techniques in the digital âge? Old machines and metal type are nice to look […]

Invitation for 2015 IADM conference

News   12-14 November 2015   

Dear Members of AEPM, I would like to invite you to this year’s IADM conference which will take place on November 12-14th in Mosbach and Heidelberg. We will discuss the following topics: “Special features of packaging print – Tales from old boxes and full bottles” and “Today’s museum projects and tomorrow’s IADM perspectives”. On November […]

Poster contest about typography

News   22 May 2015   

International poster contest 10 years of the Museum of Typography, Chania, Crete Unique in Greece, the “Museum of Typography”, in Chania/Crete, with great pleasure invites for a second year those who have artistic flair, talent, inspiration and imagination, to participate in the 2nd international poster contest, launched officially today, Friday, May 22, 2015.:This year’s theme […]