Life and everyday life in Aachen – Achim Ferrari ’80s Photos


24.09.2022 – 12.02.2023

An exhibition dedicated to Aachen was opened at the International Newspaper Museum for the Art Route 2022 Show off 50 pictures of Achim Ferrari, who captured the colours of the 1980s with his camera in a unique way. Still marked by the traces of destruction caused by the Second World War, you can see construction everywhere that herald a new beginning. Also the Charles Price, the Öcher Carnival and Aachens Sport, firmly anchored in public life for ever, shape this city as well as busy everyday life. Celebrities, functionaries and people on the street are often accompanied with a subtle ironic winking.

Ferrari has a fine sense for situations and moments, thus bringing the past to life. You can check the website and the daily press for tours and other dates.

Internationales Zeitungsmuseum
Pontstr. 13
52062 Aachen