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TYPA is a design centre for printmaking, paper art and bookbinding located in Tartu, Estonia. As the only local institution responsible for heritage from these fields, we collect historic presses and other tools, fixing them up and using them for educational and artistic purposes. Most of our collection is centred around letterpress technology, but includes also papermaking equipment, some offset technology and a working darkroom. Our museum and gallery are open at regular hours, while groups can book workshops and courses in advance. As a museum, we offer hands-on tours through the history of papermaking and book printing. The experience is suitable for anyone from families on vacation to specialists looking to make professional contacts. For artists, we host an international residency program and also welcome local artists to use the studio facilities to create various works. As a private community based organization, volunteering has always been at the core of our activities and you will always find several volunteers from all around the world working at TYPA. Whether you are looking for a place to visit or a partner for an international cultural project, TYPA is the place to go!

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Kastani, 48f
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Samelini (Tartu)




+372 56 828117