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Association of European Printing Museums

The Association of European Printing Museums is a printing heritage network.

Membership is open to:

  • museums given over wholly or partly to the history and/or art of printing (typography, engraving, graphic design, bookbinding, etc.),
  • print workshops using traditional techniques, machines, tools and skills,
  • private collectors of machines, ancillary equipment, archives and documentation relating to the history of printing,
  • independant or academic researchers and anyone actively interested or involved in the preservation and promotion of printing and graphic heritage.

Annual membership fee:

  • ordinary members: 50 euros
  • supporting members: 200 euros

The AEPM offers:

  • privileged access to an extensive network of printing, book, paper and graphic arts museums, as well as many of the heritage workshops with which they regularly work,
  • an annual meeting/conference hosted by a different European printing museum each year,
  • access to shared experience of the management and exhibition of historical printing collections,
  • your organisation’s profile on the AEPM website with direct acces to update it,
  • direct posting of news of your organisation’s activities on the AEPM website,
  • posting of all information in your preferred language. For practical reasons the ‘official’ language of the AEPM is English, but echanges take place in all combinations of European languages and the website has been designed to manage multilingual content,
  • regular news of the activities of the AEPM and of its members,
  • regular offers of traditional printing equipment.

To become a member

Fill in and return the membership application form in your preferred language:

Beittritsantrag (PDF)

Membership application (PDF)

Bulletin d’adhésion (PDF)