2022 – Why do we make printing museums? (Atelier-musée de l’imprimerie, Malesherbes, Francia)

2021 – Printing in Offenbach: the art of a craft and the craft in the art (Conferenza online organizzata dal Museo Klingspor e dalla Haus der Stadtgeschichte, Offenbach, Germania)

2020 – Rinviata a causa della pandemia di Covid.

2019 – Safeguarding intangible heritage

2018 – After printing. Bookbinding as cultural heritage

2017 – Making history: collections, collectors and the cultural role of printing museums

2016 – From stone to chip. Alois Senefelder and the invention of lithography in an international context

2015 – The relevance of typographical collections for today’s designers

2014 – Exhibiting printing heritage

2012 – Challenges for the preservation, study and exhibition of typographical heritage materials

2010 – Collections of today: towards a critical evaluation of your collections

2008 – Danmarks medienmuseet, Odense, Denmark

2006 – Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp, Belgium