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The mystery of the Catholicon: did Gutenberg invent stereotyping?

An online talk by Paul W. Nash for the Oxford Bibliographical Society The first printed edition of the Catholicon is dated ‘1460’, but was printed in three impressions, apparently over the course of more than a decade. How was this possible? Paul W. Nash will examine the proposed solutions to this mystery and describe his

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Plantin Institute’s book history course online for the first time

[Online] History of the book Teacher: Dr. Goran Proot Saturday March 6, 13 and 20, 2021 History of the Book – one of the Plantin Institute’s students’ favourite courses – is to be repeated in March 2021 in a new format. For the first time, the entire course will be livestreamed (Zoom) and given in

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The Type Archive (London) is looking for a new director

Following the death last June of its founder, Sue Shaw, The Type Archive has announced that it is recruiting a new Director. Founded in 1992 as the Type Museum, it is now known as the The Type Archive and and is located in Stockwell, South London. Over the years it has amassed a fabulous collection

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Typographic surprises!

First in the Printing Historical Society‘s new Typographic Surprises! webinar series. A look at lesser-known aspects of print’s past, typographic archives and printed collections. Fri, 26 February 2021 19:00 – 21:00 CET Register free   Dr Alexandra Franklin A surprising journey to the third dimension Librarians make every effort to keep things flat. When is

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Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum unveils their new online gallery

An original, interactive and instructive encounter with their collection of advertising woodblocks and posters Ever wondered, or wanted to explain, how colour images are printed? Well you now have a handy online tool which shows how coloured advertising posters were once printed from woodblocks. The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

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A word from the new chair of the AEPM, Stefan Soltek

Dear members of the AEPM, In the name of the board of AEPM may I send our warm regards and best wishes for the upcoming year 2021. I’m sure we are all looking forward to an improvement in the current situation on many fronts. And I hope that you will agree with me that not

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Blueprint for the new British Museum of Printing

An exciting addition to the European printing heritage scene In October 2020 the Printing Historical Society (PHS) approved a proposal, presented by the National Printing Heritage Committee (NPHC), for a web-based ‘virtual’ British Printing Museum. The objective of the museum will be ‘to bring as much of the nation’s printing-historical resources as possible together on

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Webinar: Woodcuts and wood engravings

Centre for Printing History and Culture HoPIN Webinar — Thursday 21 January 2021 | 17:00-18:30 This online event will feature illustrated talks on the subjects of woodcuts and wood-engravings. The event is FREE but booking is essential. RESERVE YOUR TICKETS HERE   Barry McKay (Independent researcher, and antiquarian bookseller) The Dunn family of chapbook printers

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The Cincinnati Press Project

The Cincinnati Type & Print Museum is creating a database of printing presses that were manufactured in Cincinnati, and have put out a call for information on existing presses made by any of the following companies: Cincinnati Type Foundry – 1817 to 1892 C. Foster & Brother – 1849 to 1852 James D. Foster &

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Does anyone know about large-format Stanhopes?

The Museum of Writing and Printing in Grębocin, Poland collects old printing presses as part of its activities. It recently acquired a unique Stanhope, a very rare specimen, by its size – A0 format. In order to document their new acquisition they would be very interested to get in touch with anyone who knows about

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Latest on the Gutenberg Museum’s new building plans

The future can wait no longer In 2020, the planning of the new Gutenberg Museum progressed with great strides. After a total of 15 meetings, involving a lot of preparation work, the ‘Working Group for the Modernisation of the Gutenberg Museum’ composed of representatives of all the interest groups involved voted unanimously for the new

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30 years of Druckladen – a reason to celebrate

Digital anniversary celebration Mainz. The Druckladen, the educational department of the Gutenberg Museum, is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. Due to the pandemic, this anniversary will be celebrated digitally. Who doesn’t know the Druckladen, the Gutenberg Museum’s educational hands-on workshop? Here, printing under expert guidance becomes an exciting experience for young and old, amateurs

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Of printing, books, banknotes and toilet paper

The origins of over 250 printing and related museums The AEPM’s ongoing timeline of printing museums now lists the foundation dates of over 250 museums and related organisations in the field of graphic heritage. It is intended as a research tool for anyone interested in how the institutions of printing heritage have developed since the

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Discover the Museum of Letters (Buchstabenmuseum) in Berlin

New on the AEPM’s interactive Museum finder map of printing and related museums in Europe and worldwide. The Buchstabenmuseum—everyday life writ large! Graphic heritage comes in all shapes and sizes. Rather like letters. And if you like your letters large and flashy (sometimes literally) the Buchstabenmuseum in Berlin is for you, for it’s a museum

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So, what do you know about Czech typography?

Jaroslav Benda 1882–1970: typographic designs and letterforms So much twentieth century printing history remains to be written. So it is always encouraging to hear of initiatives to fill in the innumerable blanks—especially when they concern the graphic heritage of countries which, to put it politely, are not over-represented in mainstream European histories of printing and

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Museum of Typography (Chania) in Council of Europe cultural route

Recent publication about European Industrial Heritage Routes (ERIH) The Greek Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has issued a brochure presenting the various Council of Europe cultural routes involving Greece. One of these routes, the European Industrial Heritage Route (ERIH) crosses Crete and is represented by the Giannis and Eleni

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Petition to save the paper collection of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek

[The Hague, Netherlands] Save the paper collection of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek Petition launched by Daniel Bellingradt and addressed to the Executive Board and Governing Board of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. In early 2020, the management of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Den Haag) made the decision that its famous paper historical collection will no longer be a ‘core

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AEPM member TYPA wins the ILUCIDARE special prize for heritage-led innovation

TYPA is joint winner of the ILUCIDARE Special Prizes 2020   The winners of the ILUCIDARE Special Prizes 2020 have just been announced during a virtual gathering that connected culture and heritage professionals, policy makers, (young) entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, volunteers and supporters from across Europe and beyond. Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education

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The St Bride Printing Library — 125 years young!

St Bride Printing Library Crowdfunding Campaign The St Bride Library—a unique printing heritage resource—is celebrating its 125th anniversary on 20 November 2020. To coincide with this, it is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the Library and fund a year of special events and library projects. Any donations received will go towards funding

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A virtual visite to the AMI – on paper!

Just out! The catalogue of the Atelier-musée de l’imprimerie de Malesherbes Catalogue? Album? Celebration? It’s hard to decide what to call this superb publication because it’s all three at the same time. It’s a celebration because it has been published to coincide with the anniversary of the impressive printing museum created by Chantal and Jean-Paul