Earth is calling! Posters from 100 years of environmental and climate action

New exhibition at the Danish Poster Museum

In today’s urban areas, different posters compete for physical space and for a voice in the climate agenda: demonstration posters that try to mobilise people to attend climate marches, advertising posters with sustainable intentions, green messages on political posters and state energy posters with energy-saving tips. Inspired by today’s fierce debate on the environmental impact of human activities and climate change, the Danish Poster Museum in Den Gamle By  presenting a new special exhibition: ‘Earth is calling! Posters from 100 years of environmental and climate action’.

The debate about our common planet and its well-being goes back a long time. The 170 posters that make up the exhibition take you on a journey from the early 20th century, when industrialisation and growth began to make their mark on our surroundings. Through the posters, the exhibition follows the debate and development over the years from a local Danish environmental focus to the global climate efforts we see today. The environmental posters of yesteryear can surprise, inform and inspire us all in the current climate struggle.

The poster exhibition covers various aspects of the history of pollution in Denmark, private consumption, the many different types of energy that keep the wheels of society turning, and asks questions about our personal sense of responsibility and the role of politicians. Together, the posters shed light on a common, worldwide social problem and the consequences that may ensue if we fail to act.


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